Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Just a couple of weeks ago I was having conversations with my friends on how we didn't feel the same old spirit of Christmas like we did when we were young.

Of course as a child, I would anticipate the opening of gifts and of course the food. All the glorious food.

As I grew older...things changed. But no the Fire Nation wasnt the culprit. It was just that Christmas begins to look and feel different at different age groups. Moreso when you are already working. I myself have spent a few christmases at work (but it was fun).

As I grew older, Christmas wasnt that much of...well, Christmas anymore.

And yes, I know the true meaning of Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus and so on. But hey, we all have our own thought on it so yea.


A few days ago, with Christmas getting near...aaand still nothing. Although I spent a good time hanging out with friends so I cannot complain.

The thing I am scared and sad and worried and sad about is that well...actually there are a lot of things.

First off, it'll be the first Christmas without Wiya. Thats a big thing. Last Christmas, I slaved over the oven to bake a chicken for Wiya and was happy that she loved it. Now, I just see her in pictures and in my memories.

Then it'd be the loneliness...I'm not technically spending it alone as I have my older bro around but that doesnt mean that it cant get lonely.


Yeah..yeah, bah humbug and all that.

But that mood kinda changed.....I am happy that a lot of my friends have gone out of their way to try and cheer me up. I received a few things I didnt/wasnt expecting. I was offered to have dinner to a few peoples' houses. They even offered to come and be with me on Christmas Eve.

On this Christmas Eve, I am happy. That Christmas feeling is back again even if it wasnt there just yesterday.

I have a good feeling things'll be better come next year.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!