Monday, December 9, 2013


I think by now people would like to believe that I will be all "Bah, Humbug!" this Christmas.

Well, that is partly true.

The previous blog post sort of explains why this Christmas won't be as ...enjoyable. But I love Christmas. At least I used to. Now it all just seems so commercialized and my love for Christmas has been fading each day.

When I was little, I used to hang out near our small Christmas tree at night and just bask in the glow of its lights. I also did inventory of my presents to see who got more and if i'll be getting clothes[LOL]. And even though I never got to spend any of it [but I knew my parents did spend it on me and my siblings for more important stuff], I did always get a little bit of money too.

One fond Christmas memory was this one gift given to us by Uncle. He always had a pretty creative way of wrapping our presents. This particular gift that he gave us one Xmas was pretty big. We were really wondering what it was. it was the size of a TV but it wasn't a TV as it wasn't heavy. When Christmas Eve came, it was the first thing we opened. To our surprise, the more we opened the present..the more it got smaller. From that one big box it whittled down to a small box no bigger than a wallet! At the time, my Uncle, Mom, Dad and Granma were watching and laughing on how we looked so confused. The gift was a game cartridge for our Family Computer. We weren't disappointed it wasn't a big gift. We actually had fun trying to figure it out and trying to open all the boxes.

One of the best Christmas gifts I got was a Dragonball Z action figure of Goku from my Dad. The DragonBall Z toys were just recently showing up in toy stores and the cartoons was being aired for the first time at the time. And even though Goku wasn't my favorite character, Goku was still hard to find since most kids AND parents only knew Goku at the time so he was a bit hard to find. So that meant my Dad really went toy hunting [something I got from him; something I do now] to be able to get me Goku. I still have him in a toy chest somewhere albeit missing his accessories.


Despite the good memories, Christmas nowadays isn't the same. Times have changed not only the people but the celebration itself.

Fewer and fewer families have been celebrating their noche buena complete as most jobs today [BPO's, etc.] make their employees work on Christmas but for a valid reason...more or less. You were one of the lucky ones if you managed to even get off days on one of the holidays [either Christmas or New year] and you were REALLY lucky if you managed to get off days on both.

Sure the 13th month pay and Xmas Bonuses are a VERY BIG plus when you're an employee would've been nice if I managed to spend the past few christmases with loved ones. But I was lucky enough that even when I did had to work on Christmas day, I spent it with great and fun officemates/friends at the time. And sure Xmas Eve is important but people tend to forget that Christmas is a whole day and its a whole day to spend with people they love.

But as I mentioned, Christmas isn't as fun nowadays. Then again, when you know you'll be spending it by yourself...then I guess it won't be that fun at all.

The last fun Christmas I had was last years. My sister came home from Singapore, my Granma came over from Manila and my older bro and I didn't have work so we were more or less complete. With good food and good company, it was the best Christmas I've had in years.

This year...well, it's been a rough road getting here. There have been bright spots and I am very thankful for those bright spots and the people involved in it. But at the end of the day, as I lie in bed, I bury my face in my hands and let out a sigh. It has been really tiring.

Christmas this year won't have Noche Buena but I did get gifts [prolly the only gifts i'll get]. My sister will be coming home from Singapore and she will be celebrating Christmas at my Aunt's house in Bataan along with my Granma. I opted to stay at home and watch over the house and our dogs. My older bro will also be staying behind as he has work.

More or less, I will be spending Christmas online. Either watching some shows or just browsing. Taking sips from that bottle of Jack Daniels that i'll be buying soon.



Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I'm not really sure what title to give this post..anyway..

As you have prolly read/seen, I haven't really been posting. If I did, it'll all about...well, you know.

The past few months has been literally a nightmare come true for me. But I'm trying to survive and move on. Keyword: Trying.

As if things weren't bad enough. My granma has gotten sick and it has everyone so worried.

My granma is one of my pillars of strength and since the other decided to leave, she's all I have left. My granma is always giving me hope and is always there for me. The way she encourages me to do the things I love and the way she supports me in whatever endeavor I do is few of the reasons why I treasure her. Now she's sick and I just wish that I could do more to help her. I just feel so helpless.

I don't have a future. At least not anymore. My future was all planned out before. But when the other left, it was gone. I was left with nothing. I don't see anything for me  in the future. I don't even want to think about a future without my granma. I do now that we can't stay here forever but I kind of hoped that when my granma is ready to go, she'll see me really happy and content with my life. I am hoping that she'll get to see me get married [or at least get a girlfriend that will stay] so that at least she knows I'm in good hands.

With all the weight I have on my shoulders, I already assumed that my December AND Christmas isn't going to be

I just plan to buy myself a bottle of Jack and spend Christmas alone as usual. Drinking it all if that's my inevitable future, being alone and being drunk.

I mostly didn't expect the 1st of December to be really anything. I try not to get to worked up and just I always/will know do on ALL the 1st days of every month. Why? You know why.

Anyhoo, it was a surprise when two of my close friends were kind of bugging me to go to and meet-up with them. I was hesitant at first with my granma sick and all but when she needed medicine that was available in Manila then I took the chance to kill two birds with one stone.

My friends did say that they had something for me...a gift. They were even joking that it was a PS3. I really didn't want to believe it but hey, a free PS3 is an awesome gift to get. I tried not to think about it though.

When I did meet-up with them I told them about my plans and they were eager to help me and go around look for the meds. But they did insist first on giving me their gift.

It was wrapped well and was a bit heavy. It was small to be a PS3 though. I expected they saw my toy wishlist in Facebook and got me one or a few things there. But to my surprise, they got me a Nintendo 2DS..a brand new Nintendo 2DS along with the Animal Crossing game every 3DS player seems to be playing.

I tried so hard not to get too emotional and cry in public. I have never gotten any gift like that before. I never thought no one appreciated me or cared for me alot to get me something like a handheld gaming system...which costs alot.

I was a loss for words I really didn't expect such a gift...or even such kindness. These two friends of mine have been always there for me..moreso during the fall-out of my previous relationship...and they have always looked out for me. It was all too much I couldn't handle such kindness. I haven't seen any kind of  silver lining or anything good the past few months. But their gesture of friendship was too much to take. When I excused myself to go to the restroom, I got in a cubicle and I cried. I did try to tone it down but I cried. I never thought anyone would do so much for someone like me. Let alone the kind of attitude I've been having the past few months.

So I just cried till it stopped and I stood inside the cubicle for a few minutes trying to collect myself before heading out as if nothing happened. I never told them I cried. If they are reading this then now they know.

We did managed to find the meds my granma needed [thank god] and we found it on the first drugstore we went to. My friends attributed it on luck. I guess it was luck as I've been to alot of drugstores in Pamapnga and haven't found the meds needed.

We then just walked around and catch-up talking about alot of stuff. When we managed to visit a toy store, me and Wacks got free Gundam Age kits. he then attributed it to how lucky I was to day. A contrast on how I felt of the 1st of every month but with the way things were going, I was starting to believe him.

We then went around to look for a place to eat and I suggested to try the Bacon Chicken at Kenny Rogers. Ivy said that she and Wacks went to a Kennys and tried ordering one but they were told it would take an hour. I said that if that's the case, we can wait since we can talk and sit and rest.

When we got to a table, Wacks went and ordered. He came back with a smile on his face saying we got the bacon chicken and that it was lucky since it was the last one. I haven't been happy in a long time, and being happy on the 1st day of the a month has been unnatural for me the past few months but this was an exception.

My "luck" managed to run out when we failed to find an accessory needed to charge my 2DS so we all could link and play. But I thought that it was okay. Just having these two people care so much for someone like me is more than enough.

I'm not really sure when we will meet up again but hopefully it will be soon. Also I hope that in the future there will be a way for me to repay the kindness all my close friends have given me the past few months. Because I've been much of a total douche/jerk/whatever and they still stayed with me and never left. They never left even if I was at my worst and helped me face my problems.

I guess that I am a bit glad that even though all of my relationships failed, my relationships with my friends didn't. They were more understanding and more patient.  I guess I'm more successful in choosing friends than girlfriends.

Anyway, if this is how my December started. I do hope that it continues on. Lord knows I need days like that and of course, Lord knows I need friends like them.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


I'm stuck.

I'm somewhere where I shouldn't be but I don't see and/or feel myself moving at all.

There are times I just want to pack some things, get in my car car and leave. And drive and drive and drive until I couldn't drive anymore. Somewhere.

But I can't.

It's the same feeling I felt when I was stuck in the ICU for 3 days. Stuck in bed, helpless, really nothing to do at all.

I'm stuck. And it's my fault.

I know I should be doing something.


But I just can't seem to do it.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

For No One.

...but then again, if YOU are reading this. then this is for you.

It's..almost been a month.

I miss you. I know I shouldn't but I do. 

I've been trying. Lord knows i've been trying to keep it all together. But there have been more bad days than good...more bad thoughts than good.

But i've been trying. It's not good enough and I feel it won't ever be good enough. 

I should've asked you if that's what you really, REALLY want. But I wasn't pretty sure if i'll ever get a reply from you..EVER. So I did what I had to do. I didn't want to do it. But I did. Because you made me feel like you wanted it to happen, that you wanted to go. So I did, I let you go.

But it wasn't that easy in real life. Words..written or said, they're easy. But in real life..well, it has never been easy.

I couldn't believe how easy it was for you though. But I guess you had work and school and your new friends and I guess being in a foreign country can easily help you forget alot of things. I guess thats fine. Even till now, I just want you to be happy.

Let me bear all the pain and suffering of what was broken because even if I rant or complain or cry...I can handle it..I need to handle it.

I really don't know how're you're doing but I hope you are well. I dunno know who you are with but I hope he..or she..treats you well and that you are happy with each other. I hope you're not stressing yourself too much from work again ...or if you're traveling, I hope you're mindful enough to keep track of your things and always be aware of your surroundings. I know I shouldn't be saying these things anymore. Since well, it's obvious you don't need me anymore and.or you already have someone to help you with things. But I can;t help myself. You were the ONLY GOOD THING i've encountered the past few years.

With that being said, people..and a few of my friends who have abandoned me because of my situation and/or who just doesn't give a fuck, need to know that I was not in a good place prior to us. And I have been praying hard for someone to come along and save me. They don't know that you we're the only one who saw something in me that I couldn't see in myself. You gave me a second look, picked me up, dusted me off and made me yours. And that made me happy. And that saved me. And you've been with me though thick and thin. You've been with me when I hurt you. You've been with me when I loved you. When I was at my very worst...during the time I was confined in ICU. All I asked the nurses was to let you in and let you stay with me in my room [of course they never did so, stupid hospital rules]. When I was released from ICU and was placed in a room and you stayed with me for a night, all I could think about is how lucky I was. And then obviously, you've been with me during my best. So you see people, she has been with me all around and she accepted everything about me. That is why it's just so damned hard for me during this time. I lost someone more important than my life. So I hope you bear with me as I 'm having a hard time bearing with it myself.

And no, unless you wanted to, this isn't a bid for you to come back to me. What this is is just something I want to write down for you, regardless if you'll ever read any of it....or not. I don't care, it doesn't matter. I just wanted to write some of the thing's i've felt this time. I don't mind if it's confusing or doesn't have coherence. These are my thoughts and feelings conveyed..well, at least some of it. 

I'm still learning to accept the fact that you're gone from my life. That you've left with whatever reasons you have and with whatever things you have. I know i've got to learn to accept the goodbye you never gave me, as well as the closure from you I'll never hear. To let those unanswered questions be just buried and then..hopefully..forgotten by time. It's hard you know. You are such a beautiful person and have made my life meaningful when you were in it. I mean, how can I just forget that? I'm trying...really, really hard. But there are times when it's not enough and I break my promise of not caring and not to cry anymore..and I just breakdown and cry and sulk and cry and be sad. I am not a strong person. You were the one making me strong. I guess I also need to learn how to live alone again. I don't want to. But I have no choice.

I...know you have your own life now. I just hope that I meant something to you. Even a lil bit. That when remembering me [if you do even still remember me], a smile will form on your face. We had our problems and issues but the time with you was so far the best i've ever had. You still mean a lot to me. Yes, I still do love you. And I will never stop doing so until my heart stops beating. I;m hurting and sure my heart has been scarred ..but you will be my favourite scar. I am hoping that i've been significant in one way or another in your life.

I don't know what else to say. There're...still a few things I guess but as I continue to write this post, it's getting harder to breathe and think and function and it's making me feel again.

If you want to talk to me then that's okay. You know my email address and other websites. I'm open to any form of communication. If you don't, that's fine as well. It's just..I'm just saying IF..

I know what i'm doing is counter-productive to the whole process of moving forward. But you know me.

I hope you're doing fine. I hope you're taking care of yourself. I hope you're happy and feeling well.

As for me. I hope I can be happy too. For now, i'm trying and it's coming up 50/50.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Change didn't happen. Choice did.

There's always a choice.


Choosing to change is a choice.

Choosing change is a choice.

But whatever did happened, i'll accept it.

I just want you to be happy even if I won't be.

Monday, June 24, 2013

And now, for something a little tevvanahd...

E tacanja drec.

E tacanjat fryd rybbahat du sa.

Pa ed uv lniam vyda un gynsy, E ryt drec lusehk.

Cra fyc nekrd du tu fryd cra tet. Fru ys E yhofyo? Fryd ys E? E ys hudrehk suna dryh cusauha fru tuach’d tacanja ran.

E lyh’d ajah dyga lyna uv socamv mad ymuha cusauha amca.

E tacanja drec. Drec byeh, drec muhamehacc, drec vaamehk uv ypyhtuhsahd.

Ev E teth’d tacanja drec drah fro fuimt cra mayja? Fro fuimt yhouha mayja fryd caasat mega y knayd namydeuhcreb?

Lmaynmo, drana’c cdemm cusadrehk fnuhk fedr sa. E tuh’d tacanja cusauha mega ran, E tuh’d tacanja yhouha yd ymm.

Fryd E tacanja ec drec….yht ed’c silr suna byehvim yht lniam dryh taydr.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


It's not working.

My mind goes haywire once I try to sleep at night.

Closer and closer to the edge.

I am tempted to just jump and fall.

That would end it and put my mind to rest.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Too much.

Things hasn't been well the past few weeks.

I don't want to get too detailed about it as I really have no idea what triggered the whole thing.

All I know is I have been left to tend to my own devices without as much as a goodbye.

I have been trying to bottle things up and my friends, the whole lot of 'em, have been trying their best to keep my attention diverted and keep me happy.

But it's all too much for me.

I can't keep containing it and it's bound to overflow sooner or later.

It just hurts and pains me so much that I haven't been sleeping well, I'm in danger of over-eating myself to death...I have even entertained the thought of smoking again.

I'm as lost as I was years ago. Something I thought I'd never be again.

I don't know what to do.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Let's Talk Music!: Fall Out Boy - Save Rock and Roll

The title of their album seems apt enough.

But to be honest, I really didn't know what happened to Fall Out Boy. I didn't even know they sort of had this hiatus going on. The last thing I heard from them was "Folie a Deux" and then nothing.

But I was equally happy and surprised when I saw that they were going to release new stuff. It kinda spread like wildfire all over the web..well, mostly on Tumblr.

They released the first single [along with its video], "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark [Light 'Em Up] and from there I was hooked. I didn't count how many times I've raped...*cough* click the Replay button but it was that damn good and catchy too.

...and then the day came and the album was out...

I really couldn't stop listening it to it.

The whole thing starts with a strong song with a very apt title [The Phoenix] and then eases in a bit with the first single [MSKWYDITD..yea, I abbreviated it LOL] and then from there branches into more songs that are new but also are somewhat expected from FOB. Awesome guitar riffs and catchy lyrics, it's more than enough to make your head bob along.

The album has 11 new songs and awesome collabs namely  Courtney Love [of Hole] and Elton John. The whole album makes you feel like FOB never left  the scene and makes you fall inlove with them again. The songs [for me at least] are refreshing and are very upbeat. They will definitely put you in a good mood while going through your daily routine.

I like every song on this album but my fave faves are The Phoenix, MSKWYDITD, Alone Together, Rat a Tat and Save Rock and Roll.

The Phoenix is prolly one of the best first songs of any album I've heard in a while. It starts out very ominous and heavy then picks up a bit into the chorus. It definitely will get you pumped and excited to hear more of the album.

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark [Light 'Em Up] is the first single to come out from the album and immediately follows after The Phoenix. So from the initial song you are immediately thrown into something more familiar but very, very catchy. From the start to the end, it's either you'll clap or sing along. The next fave faves is also the 3rd song of the album and comes after MSKWYDITD. 

Alone Together's title seems pretty weird. I mean, how can you be alone but together? Then you hear lyrics and listen to the song and then you'll understand. 

Rat a Tat and Save Rock and Roll are the last two songs and are also collabs with other artists. Rat a Tat is a collab with Courtney Love and brings her alternative style into the song. The song goes fast and hard on Courtney's parts and then it sort of levels out on Patrick's turn.Save Rock and Roll is a collab with THE Elton John and is also the last song in the album which I think is very fitting. The song is one of FOB's slower songs and melodic.Elton John is pretty much Elton John and  provides a more "regal" tone to the song.

The only negative I can prolly say about the album is that it feels short even though the whole thing runs around 41 minutes. I mean, even the cover art looks so bad-ass! But I must say that it kept me wanting more and with this I do hope future albums would be as much awesome. Also whether or not Fall out Boy did "Save Rock and Roll" this time around, it's pretty certain they did a good job making rock and roll hang around.

Whether or not you're a fan, this is definitely a good add to your music library.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Let's Talk Movies!: G.I. Joe Retaliation

The original screening for this movie was for June last year [as stated in the old poster above] but due to a whole lot of things [making it 3D, initial preview screenings flunked, needed moar Duke, etc] the movie went back to semi-production and made fans wait a year till it came out.

Of course everyone was disappointed, maybe even angry but they did what they had to do. Once the movie did come out locally, I managed to catch it at the first showing on the first day. I was pretty excited the night before that I couldn't sleep.

The movie picks up where it left off at the end of Rise of Cobra but it does leave a whole mess of plot holes. Here are a few:

~ What happened to the other Joes [Scarlett, Ripcord, Heavy Duty, Breaker, Stone, Hawk]?
~ What was the "Nano-mite Wars"?
~ If Cobra Commander was in jail in Destro, who were the Joes fighting in said Nano-mite Wars [it couldn't be just Firefly]?
~ How did Storm Shadow survive?
~ Baroness?

Those were a few things running through my head during the first part of the movie. Moving on...

The storyline is split with what happens to the Joes to what Snake Eyes was doing with his free time. It was a nice back and forth thing and I think it meshed well.

The main story basically is that Pres. Zartan decimated the Joes and gets info in order to release Cobra Commander and then rule the world. Simple enough and it stays true to the Joe theme going back to the animated shows which was Cobra tries to take over the world and the Joes stop it. They did add a few more things and easter eggs to spice the movie up. The easter eggs however can only be seen and recognized by the purest of Joe fans or at least those who have watched alot of cartoons.

Anyhoo, so Pres. Zartan decimates the whole Joe team along with their bases and such but a few survive and now has to work underneath the radar in order to clear their names [Renegades plot line much?]. Meanwhile Snake Eyes is paired up with Jinx and goes to collect Storm Shadow under the orders of the Blind Master. Then the whole gang meets up and teams up to defeat the plans of Cobra.

With that said, the whole movie is pretty much a great and fun watch. They did a great job with going further than what they did in ROC. Although there are still rooms for improvement.

Character time!
~ I kinda liked The Rock's portrayal of Roadblock, he didn't go rhyme much but he was big and menacing. ~ Adrianne Palicki was a good choice for Lady Jaye. Sure there were scenes of uber fan service which was out of character for Lady Jaye but it was still a nice portrayal.
~ Speaking of portrayals, I think they messed up on how they should've portrayed Flint. D.J. Cotrona was great but the character he was doing almost felt like it was more of Falcon than Flint. Falcon was more of a young and brash soldier and that what how I saw D.J. I mean Flint a free-runner? And another thing, Lady Jaye gets to have a small backstory talk and we don't get one for Flint [or even Fireflly]?
~ As for Firefly, Ray Stevenson did an excellent job. I didn't expect the accent though, I don't remember Firefly talking like that on the animated cartoon.
~ Speaking of accents, Jinx seemingly looks asian but doesn't...and she sounds a bit british. Oh well.
~ Rza as the Blind Master, well sure he looks and speaks the part but was he really necessary? Some say he isn't, some say he does. For me it's a bit 50/50, I think he's there mainly to act as Snake Eyes' voice when they were conversing with Storm Shadow.
~ Byung Hun Lee was the 2nd best guy out there. His portrayal of Storm Shadow was spot on and you could see that he worked out to get his body buff.
~ It was interesting to see Bruce Willis casted as Joe Colton. But being the aging action hero that he is, being cast as Colton seemed like a fit.
~ Ray park as Snake Eyes. Still awesome, nuff said.
~ Cobra Commander...looked and sounded more like the Cobra Commander we know. I liked his look in this one, part warlord part well-dressed boss.
~ I think the best actor for me in this movie is Jonathan Pryce aka the President aka also Pres. Zartan. You could tell he had to make two separate individual traits for the two characters he was portraying even though it was the same one.
~ There were ALOT of other characters that have been named on the cast list but didn't have any significant effect on the movie. I was surprised to see a few notable characters on the cast but didn't see them at all, will wait for the Blu Ray I guess.

When the movie ended, we get treated to a song saying/asking "How do you like me now?". It made me feel like it was a deliberate thing Jon Chu added. My response to that is "I like you a little bit now but make the next one without any glaring plot holes".

There's action, guns, explosions, ninjas, a little but of fan service, some comedic moments, a few more ninjas and The Rock and Channing Tatum talking about panties. What's not to like about this movie? Sure it still felt a bit lacking and that the one year wait didn't produce enough but it still has its moments.

Whether you're a fan of the franchise or not, it's still a nice movie to go and watch. It's still way better than Rise of Cobra and with a 3rd movie being greenlit, hopefully it'll get way more better.

I loved it, it was a great movie for me. There are only two words left to say, Yo Joe!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Let's talk Movies: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

I have never seen any previews or trailers for this movie but by just seeing the poster and the cast, I knew I had to see it. It has been awhile since I've seen great comedians in one movie. Anyhoo, I was lucky enough to have catched it last weekend.

Short spoiler free short summary:

It starts simple and a bit cliche'd where a young Albert Wunderstein [played by Steve Carell] is bullied and finds an escape [and popularity] by studying and performing magic tricks thanks to a Magic Kit he got on his birthday. Whilst performing a simple trick during school lunch, he meets a sickly Anthony Mertz [played by Steve Buschemi] who was amazed at his trick. From then on, the two became best friends and spent time practicing and doing magic together.

Fast forward to the future and you see the duo as famous magicians in a casino in Las Vegas as The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and Anton Marvelton. But nothing is what it seems between the two and their chosen career.

Amidst their own troubles, in comes Steve Gray [played by Jim Carrey] who is a very edgy charismatic street magician who is getting alot of attention and fans with his new but often dangerous tricks.

With a new hotel/casino looking for entertainers, will Wonderstone and Marvelton be able to edge out Steve Gray or will they fall into obscurity?

The Review:

This is a very funny movie.

It has been awhile since I've laughed so hard and so loud watching a movie. From the obvious [the bright performances of Carell, Buschemi and Carrey] to the most subtle things [Jim Carrey's character has a show named "Brain Rapist"] it was certainly a funny movie from beginning to end.

It was also great to see Alan Arkin in a comedy movie again. He has this certain charisma that makes you love him and the characters that he plays. Olivia Wilde is also great but her performance [to me] seems lacking. Also, since Steve Buschemi is in the movie, I was kinda on the lookout for minor appearances of either Ben Stiller and/or Adam Sandler since Steve Buschemi also cameo's a bit in theirs.

The storyline is a bit cliched but the comedy and the execution of it brings a bit of freshness in it. Although it's your typical comedy, it's really not. Also it has its usual moral lesson and despite some of the edgy tricks Carrey performs, the whole movie can be enjoyed by all ages. Comedy AND magic are both universal and you don't need to be a genius to appreciate both.

Catch it if you can while it's still in theaters, it really is a funny movie.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Let's Talk Movies!: The Man with the Iron Fists

I like this poster better, very minimalistic yet awesome.

*as always, spoiler free*

We all know how the Wu-Tang clan are so into martial arts that in one of their albums, it almost sounds like it was a martial arts film. From narration to the typical background music played during kung fu fight scenes.

It wasn't that much a surprise to me when I heard that RZA would be in a martial arts film since I was already surprised that he's playing Hard Master [martial arts master] in the coming Gi Joe sequel. 

The movie starts simple enough. In Jungle Village, RZA is their resident Blacksmith. Judging by how much orders he gets, it seems he is rather good at his job. Although it is shown that he dislikes making weapons for killing. But still he does it so he and his love, Lady Silk [played by Jamie Chung] would be able to leave and and have a life of their own. They were about to realize their dream however after a series of unfortunate events, both are dragged into a whole mess of trouble between the gov't., lions and ladies of reputation.

The story seems a bit of a mess at the start but it can be just simplified to a story of greed and power. The flow of the story was moving at a fast pace although the flashbacks of the Blacksmith [named Thaddeus] seemed a bit long and dragging. It was a bit weird how an african american from a plantation came to China even with an elaborate explanation on how he did but oh well, it's the movies.

They have a very strong and well known cast for this one. My biggest surprise was Dave Bautista whom we all know and love/hate as Batista from WWE. I seemed to have neglected seeing him in the main poster but I really loved his character [Brass Body] and his ...certain ability. It was really awesome to see. They also had Lucy Liu [as Madam Blossom] who was also magnificent. Any movie with Lucy Liu kicking ass in it is always a plus. It was nice to see Byron Mann again. He's much known as playing Ryu in the old Street Fighter movie. I must admit, he seemed to have been having fun in his role as the villain. I think Russel Crowe was something of a "meh" for me. His character [Jack Knife] was cool but I feel that they could've done better casting another actor...maybe, Woody Harrelson?

The fight scenes were completely awesome. It's pretty much action-packed with alot of actual martial arts since a few of the actors are actually masters or is really practicing martial arts in real life. Some were really fast [X-Blade's first fight scene] while some were totally out there [Brass Body Vs. X-Blade and the final fight of Brass Body Vs. the Blacksmith]. Still there were a few more elegant ones like Lucy Liu's fight scene and the Gemini's Vs. the Lions one. All were pretty much jaw dropping and a sight to behold. Although most people who've watched alot of martial arts movies might not see anything new, they didn't do anything that seems so out of this world.

If you're looking for an action movie filled with martial arts well, this won't disappoint. This movie pretty much has alot of it. If you're looking for a story, well...this movie has an okay storyline. It's not much but at least it still attempts to be linear and doesn't go overboard.

Let's Talk Movies: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Sooo....where's Scott Pilgrim?

*as always, this is going to be spoiler-free*

This movie surprised me. I did not expect a few things that happened but was right when I pegged this as another "coming-of-age" film. As if the term, "Wallflower" wasn't a dead give-away. 

I haven't read the book or the wikipedia entry or any reviews of it *I read a post from girlfriend about it though but it didn't give much away", so I watched it unprepared. I was kind of putting of watching it as it didn't seem that much. My girlfriend did consistently tell me to watch it and also asked a few times if I already did.

The movie is all about Charlie, played by Logan Lerman of "Percy Jackson" fame. I kinda liked him more on the "Gamer" movie. Anyway, it all starts out with his first day of highschool. Nothing much happens and it seems like he was going to be one of those silent loners until he gets the courage to talk to a "quirky" Patrick [who was played magnificently by Ezra Miller] and introduced to Pat's step-sister, Sam [played by Emma Watson]. From then on one thing leads to another as Charlie's highschool life gets better AND worse. 

The whole movie, as I found out, was set around the 90's. Which explains the lack of more...high end tech as well as more recent music. I didn't mind, being a kid of the 90's it seemed almost perfect.

My only question is...where the hell was this movie during MY highschool years? Ahahah~

Seriously, if I could've watched this during those times then my life would've so better. It's not that I could relate to the characters but at some instances all of us could relate to that dreadful first day of school where you don't know anyone at all. To those unsure feelings of awkwardness, as well as those feelings of happiness and loss. 

There are a few plot points in the movie that wasn't touched upon if you've just seen the trailers and haven't spoiled yourself in reading the wiki entry or haven't read the book itself. I think that those things made the movie more compelling and a bit dramatic. For me it would've been a bit dull if they didn't have it.

It's nice that they had an awesome selection of songs for this movie. Although I know most of them via covers by other artists, it was still awesome to hear them and used in moments that seem most opportune. Speaking of music, it was also awesome to see an old hobby again which was creating mixtapes. Prior to the technological advancement of selecting your playlists, you had to do it by yourself at the time and it was really hard.
Speaking of music, this made me remember a song entitled, "Wallflower" by Caroline's Spine [Yay 90's music!]

Take a listen, it's pretty awesome:


I've made a few mixtapes way, waaay back and it was both fun and a pain. But I digress...

Watching this movie makes you feel nostalgic of the time you've spent in highschool. Not only that, it then delves deeper and it will pique your interest. The best thing is, they do it at a slow pace. Slow enough to not give it away all at once and slow enough to let it just flow naturally within the story. It typically deals with the "love and loss" theme and a bit of a "boy meets girl" theme ala 500 Days of Summer [haven't watched that? then go and watch it then!]. There will be points of the story where you'd prolly wonder what was going on and what's going to happen next. All of those doubts and questions will mostly be answered as the story progresses.

All in all, it was really a very great film with a few characters that has a bit of depth.I think that Ezra Miller had more of a fantastic performance than Logan or Emma. Watching Mae Whitman in a movie was a delight [i've only seen her in Scott Pilgrim] and seeing Paul Rudd act the way he is is also nice. I dunno, i'm beginning to like him.

Since the author of the book was also the director of the movie, I think fans of the book will enjoy the movie as much as the book. I haven't read the book [maybe someday] and I've enjoyed the hell out of this movie. It's definitely worth a watch and a re-watch....because sometimes, we feel the need to be...infinite.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let's Talk Movies: Silver Linings Playbook

First and foremost, I will post no spoilers :D Feel free to read on then..

The first time I heard about this movie was when I was browsing the 'net. It caught a bit of my attention because of two things...and no, it wasn't the ones on Jennifer Lawrence [LOL]...1.] Bradley Cooper - because I loved his performances in the Hangover films, A-Team and Limitless. Number 2 would be that this movie is also starring Robert De Niro which has to be one of my favourite actors of all time.Of course, I couldn't leave out Jennifer Lawrence as my girlfriend likes her. We both laugh at how she's so not like her serious characters when she does interviews.

Anyhoo, in this movie Bradley Cooper plays Pat who finished his "time" in a Mental Institution for a serious breakdown [don't worry I won't spoil anything here]. He then lives with his parents played by Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver [who was brilliant]. He tries to "re-make" himself and live right so as to rekindle his marriage to Nikki, his wife of course. Along the way Pat meets Tiffany [Jennifer Lawrence] who also seems to have problems on of her own. Tiffany agrees to help Pat out with his issues as long as she gets something in return.

The movie is a bit hard to track as it jumps right in the story. You'll only get to see what happened before via flashback. But that doesn't ruin it at all, you can still piece it together slowly but surely.

I also liked how it tackles other subjects than the main storyline [Pat's story], like how his family is coping with him coming back. Robert De Niro played a stellar job [in my eyes at least]. His characterization of Pat's Dad will let you know that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. This also the first time I've watched Bradley Cooper do something more serious and dramatic. Although his character almost always had some sort of blank expression on his face. Jennifer Lawrence was as great as Robert. It was more mature than most her her movies [LOL I've only watched Hunger games]. There are times where I think she was kinda like a living breathing Daria Morgendorferr due to her low voice [the director told Jen to lower her voice] and attitude in the movie. Her role as Tiffany won her a Golden Globe. Watching her performance here makes me think that she really should win. I wish she did more movies like this or she'll be typecasted for her role in the Hunger Games just like Daniel Radcliffe was for Harry Potter.

The story is somewhat the ol' "boy meets girl" arc but with a few complications along the way. It's not that it's boring but the story isn't really something new. There are a few more things added to the story to prolly sort of liven it up or spice things up but ultimately it still goes back to a tried and tested formula. In the end it was still great story and movie, I just recently found out it had 8[!] Academy Award Nominations. 1 award more than Argo [which i'll prolly watch next]. Best part of the movie for me? Brad and Jen dancing! Why were they dancing? What kind dance? Watch it and find out :D

It's a worthwhile watch for me. I'd recommend you to go see this movie, sure there's alot of big named stars in it but it really is a very good movie...I mean why else would it be nominated an Oscar for Best picture right? Right.