Friday, November 11, 2011

Let's Talk Figures!: Marvel Universe X-23

Seems like Crossbones is unaware of things to come...

They've almost done everything to Wolverine and I think one of the best was introducing Laura Kinney, X-23, as a clone of his.

The recent wave gave use X-23 in her X-force regalia. Her time with X-force was prolly the most brutal we've ever seen of her. A calculated yet sometimes feral killing machine. Ol' Logan disapproved but there's no stopping X-23.

Calm before the storm..

First off, I'm glad and thankful that my girlfriend got to reserve and get me this figure at GreattoysOnline. I thought I won't be able to have this fig but she surprised me and got me one.


Unlike the previous MU women that came out, X-23 has a much better mold. Swivel elbows, thighs and ankles are what separates and gives her an edge. Black Widow and Ms. Marvel would've used at least swivel elbows. Other than that, she has the same articulation as most recent MU figures.

Just look at that figure! Perfection! ..more or less. Her face has some nice paint apps and her hair is bendy/rubbery enough to allow a few nice poses. Her face seems a bit older than what she looks like in the comics but its still a great mold.

She only comes with the typical stand. Hasbro really needs to up the ante on accessorizing MU figs. For example, X-23 could've used another pair of feet that has claws and another pair of un-clawed hands. maybe an extra unmasked head while you're at it. Now that would've made this figure truly awesome.

Yep, you can tip her head like so...and now we have our obligatory "brooding" pose.

X-23 is a tall smexy glass of water. A bit taller than most MU women and almost the same hieght as other figures from other 3.75/4" toyline. She really does stand out among the rest.

Over-all she's an awesome addition to your Marvel Universe collection. Especially with the X-force Boxset that's out in stores. 

Now for some fun! Till next figure!

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