Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Let's Talk Movies!: How To train Your Dragon 2


Just wow.

I am almost out of words on how I love this film so much.

I absolutely stayed away from trailers and any kind of news for this movie for so long. It's not that I wasn't interested. I just want to come in and watch this movie without any expectations. It wasn't long until I got to watch a trailer of it though as it was shown before the screening of Edge Of Tomorrow.

It was fantastic! And using "Kings And Queens" by 30Seconds To Mars as its background music was awesome as well. The trailer itself spoiled something important and relevant to the movie but for me, it made me want to watch this movie more.

(as always, no spoilers)

The movie begins 5 years after the first one. Berk has now fully embraced the idea of being with dragonkind. They have even made a sport, Dragon Racing, and constructed a big stable to fully cement their relationships with their dragons.

While everyone is Dragon Racing, Hiccup has been travelling around with Toothless. Discovering new lands, people and dragons. He has a more mature look and seemingly made his own personal armor that allows him to fly (glide actually) with Toothless. During his travels however, he meets up with his long-lost mother. His mother, who was presumed dead, has been living as somewhat of a hermit along with a vast array of dragons as well as an Alpha dragon called a Bewilderbeast.

Things get hairy when they meet Drago Bludvist, who appears to have a vast army and his own Bewilderbeast. A bloodthirsty conqueror, he will stop at nothing to gain control of dragonkind.

Toothless in "How To Train Your Rider To Fly Like A Dragon"


This movie does not disappoint. This is a perfect shining example on how you should do a movie sequel. I loved the first movie. It was brilliant and to be honest who doesn't love dragons? Kids of all ages and also the kids at heart love dragons...and moreso love the prospect of being able to have and train one.

I love the sequel even more. It has alot of things fans of the movie (and books too) would love. It continues the story of the first without making major changes. Then it adds more to the HTTYD movie lore with the inclusion of Hiccup's mom (How They Met The Dragon Tamers Mother, cue in theme song). Which I think that is great. I mean, we barely really get to know what happened to her during the first movie

Unfortunately, I have to be honest about it. I haven't read any of the books so I don't really have any comparisons to offer. But often times, the movies really do have differences from their books since alot of directors/producers/script writers are given freedom to change things as they see fit. Sometimes it doesn't work out well.

One of things I love about most in the movie is how they made Hiccup look to be more ingenious and crafty. First is his armor who has more pockets than Batman's utility belt. I loved how he has all those compartments in it. It hides alot of stuff that is helpful to him as he travels around. Also the armor has made him able to glide with Toothless. Second is his flame sword. I mean c'mon! A Flame Sword? That's pretty awesome! The sword has several attachments too, Hiccup more or less puts his knowledge of dragons to good use. Last is his peg leg. In the first movie it was somewhat crude but for the sequel it has been upgraded. It has a "Flying" (for which he can guide Toothless' fin with) and "Ground" (for walking) mode now which kinda made sense.

The story was great. It's action packed but it also has its drama. There was never a dull moment for me. If you haven't watched the first movie then it's alright. The sequel doesn't really alienate new viewers. Also (and it's not that much of a spoiler) there's was a point in the movie where it made me cry and from then on, I couldn't stop crying. Maybe it's prolly just me but some of the drama scenes have the power to invoke such emotions. Trust me.

It is the movie to watch if you don't know what movie to watch. And is definitely worth a re-watch too. I honestly recommend everyone to watch this one and re-watch it if you have time. For me, it is one of the best movies this year.

Besides, how can you not like this guy?