Friday, October 28, 2011

Let's Talk Figures!: Revoltech War Machine

When the news of an IronMan Revoltech came out, alot of people clamored and assumed that a Revoltech War Machine would be next. I was one of them. I was also one of the dozens who went *squeeee* and went giddy like a little girl when Revoltech War Machine was announced and the preview shots went online.

My girflfriend is actually a bigger fan of War Machine than I am so I told her about the news. She pre-ordered one as soon as possible. We were both excited when it arrived. Since its hers, she got first crack at it then she lent it to me for a review.


He looks so awesome! And the Revo joints hide so well. He's what you expect from Revoltech. All in all the details are top notch. Scale-wise, he's close to 6 inches. I don't have any 6inch figs but I saw a comparison pic of this to the Hasbro WM and Initiative WM and he's just right.

The back isn't as much exciting as the front and those Revo joints seem like inflamed knee joints but it still looks ok. As you can prolly see at the front, his shoulders seem like not level to where shoulders should be. Adjusting it would be ok but it's not really a big deal. His shoulder pads can be moved and adjusted as it is also uses a small Revo joint to freely move. That's a good thing as it doesn't restrict arm movement.

As you have noticed, the upper part of this fig seems a big clunky and heavy. You're actually right, this fig is top heavy but can stand on its own. Unfortunately, when it's time from some posing, you'll need a stand. Preferably the ones for 6 inchers [which I didn't have], all the stands I have wasn't stable enough to support him. And other Revo stands weren't a help since this fig didn't have a while at the back and the holes under his feet is small and can't fit on the stand pegs unless you force it.

A closer inspection on the face shows that the eyes seems to have some quality control problems with the paint. I guess someone didn't use a finer brush..or whatever. The reactor on the chest really just looks so bland. I just wish hat they added a little blue or red to add a little pizzaz. It just looks like an out of place white hole.

You're not called War Machine without some ordinance but since this fig is based from the IronMan 2 Movie version of War Machine, all it has are the gun-arms and that single chain gun on his back. The gun-arms are greatly detailed. It looks as if they can be taken off [I do believe that they can, didn't try though] and WM can hold them and use them as regular guns. The chain gun can be independently moved. It has Revo joints as well and it can be moved from left to right, front and back. Just like how it moved during the last battle with the drones in the movie. It does seem lacking in firepower but since its based from the movie, I can't complain.

Accessory - wise, I found it a bit lacking. Sure the extra hands for posing and the "gun fire" effects are nice but it lacks a figure stand. I know the Iron Man Revo didn't have a stand per se but it did have that "lift-off" effect, that kinda counts as a stand. I'm glad it did have that orange box to keep all the little accessories from being lost but the fact that they didn't include a figure stand was a negative for me [as mentioned above, the fig is top heavy].

Anyway, time for some action!

Wanna know a secret? I did all those action shots while the fig was kneeling. LOL

Anyway, it's a hit and miss for this particular kind of figure. While it's a definite buy for WM fans, it's not as much a buy for Revoltech and Marvel fans alike. The 6inch Hasbro version would still be ideal for a 6inch WM...or so i've read. So unless you're a fan and/or has extra cash, its a good buy.

Tony, draw me like one of your French girls.....

Let's Omnomnom!: Grilled Pork Tenders from Jollibee!

Pic from Jollibee site, credits to them. Couldn't find any actual picture ad of the product on the 'net.

A few weeks ago, while me and my num nums were on the way to Makati, we saw a billboard an from Jollibee promoting their new addition to their menu which was dubbed "Grilled Pork Tenders".

Seeing the promo ad/billboard made me want to try it out. Good thing my num nums pointed out that there was a Jollibee nearby her workplace [hence why we were going to Makati]. Judging from the picture, it looks like a semblance of pan-grilled porkchops. I thought that at last, some big meat in the Jollibee menu. And an affordable one at that since it's Jollibee. 

But seeing how pictures from ads are ALOT different from the actual product, I didn't really hope for the best. And after getting to Jollibee and finally getting the Grilled Pork Tenders infront of me...I was right.

i dunno..does this look like its grilled to you?

It didn't look anywhere near "grilled" or even anywhere near what it's supposed to look like. Then again, I already knew that was expecting it somewhat. 

A closer look.

Basically, it just looks like pork BBQ removed from the stick. I don't exactly know how or what a "Tender" actually looks like but I think this fits the bill. 

Sure they didn't get the "grilled" look down, but what about the taste you ask? Imagine Pork chunks/bits marinated in Jollibee's "BBQ Chicken" sauce. That's it. That's how they taste like. So whether or not you like Jollibee's BBQ Chicken might come in as a factor when you're eating this. But the meat is soft and juicy and the meal is accompanied with calamansi and soy sauce. It doesn't add much but it helps.

I also tried this meal out in two other branches just to see if there's a difference but it's just the same. All in all, it's a nice meal to try out the first time but after that, it's not really much of anything else.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Let's Omnomnom!: The Hashbrown Burger from Jollibee!

It was either we were so hungry or so drunk or so stoned...maybe all...when we start to think about food and the kinds of food we would want to eat. We would all think up of crazy mix and mashes of our fave foods and would salivate.

More or less, KFC indulged us with the same weird combination of food a year ago with it's Double Down. Now, it's Jollibee's turn with its HashBrown Burger.

Someone in the Jollibee think tank found it to be genius to place a meat patty inbetween two hashbrowns. Either he was drunk or stoned [maybe both], it was an idea worth a try that Jollibee started selling it.

Heck, Id do the same thing with Spam..or cornbeef...or a hotdog. Granted if I knew how to cook a HashBrown.

When I first saw the ad for it, I had a weird look on my face. I actually thought it would taste weird. So I naturally did what anyone would do. Get one and eat it.

The hashbrowns aren't your "standard" size. They're a bit bigger but not that big. As usual, they scrimped on the meat patty. Don't let pictures fool you. It looks smaller than it is. It also has a small thin slice of cheese and uh..I think [i'm not sure]...Jollibee's special burger sauce OR what seems to be Mayo....or I may have been imagining things.

Anyhoo, after taking a few bites, I couldn't taste the burger or anything else. All I could taste were the HashBrowns. I dunno why but even when there was meat and cheese in a bite, the HashBrowns overpower 'em.

For me, it wasn't entirely filling. I could prolly finish one in 3 big bites.Overall, it was just an ok sand...hmm..can we even call this sandwich?....anyway, it was just ok. It was a nice idea and may seem revolutionary but I've seen and tastd better food combinations. The price is also a tad high as well.

You can go and try one out for yourself but I'm in no hurry to buy me another one.

Manga Realities at the Ayala Museum

Last week, me and my girlfriend went to a place i'd want us to go visit in the future, a museum. Granted we are lacking alot of different kinds of museums over here unlike in the US but at least we have one...or on.

Backtrack to early September when she showed me and ad for a manga/Anime Exhibit called "Manga Realities" that's being held at the Ayala Museum. Naturally, I was immediately interested. What really got me in was when she said that the exhibit will feature BECK. No, no..not the American Song Artist. Mongolian Chop Squad. Goddamn was that a good manga...and an anime to boot.

Fast forward to last week of September when we decided to go have a look-see.

That's the only ad/flier/poster of the exhibit around the vicinity. The entrance fee was 225php per pax but it allowed us full access to the whole museum. The manga exhibit itself was two floors, the 1st and 3rd. The rest were typical Filipino heritage exhibits. Also, I was told that I was only allowed to take pictures while within the confines of the manga exhibit. Any place else was taboo. Sheesh.


First stop was the BECK:

 Granted that BECK's part of the exhibit seems..and is a bit bare but better than nothing.

Anyone remember these covers? :]


I really loved both manga and anime versions, as well as the songs! It's too bad the live-action version didn't come up-to-par. :/ As you can see the BECK exhibit [like most of the exhibits] is a bit bare. I dunno if they were going for a simple minimalistic look but meh...I just wish they made it more..uh..more. Like having BECK songs blast from speakers...maybe a few standees. Oh well...

Next was Nodame Cantabile. I must admit I never have watched a single anime episode...or manga chapter even. I just watched the live-action series and for me, it was awesome!


The next few exhibits was also sporting a minimalist feel and again, I have to be honest...I wasn't familiar with the manga they're from [sad, I know].

Children of the Sea

No 5

Sugar Sugar Rune

Sennen Gaho
There were alot of pages/sketches of the manga displayed but I liked this one best.

Five Minutes From the Station

The World God Only Knows

I was surprised and at awe when I saw this recreated classroom. It's as if they pulled it out of the pages from the manga.


Prolly the best exhibit there. The main room was all black and there was this black square cube at the middle. It was adorned with quotes from the characters running in the middle along the while cube. Inside was another room! And they did a great job copying the while thing, making it feel like you were in the manga. I left the colors as is as it feels like the setting sun is filling the room up with a warm glow.

...and of course, they had ALOT of manga. Most of 'em are in Japanese though. I REALLY wanted to take these babies home!
Yeap, that's the complete BECK manga right there!

The whole thing felt a bit....lacking. I'm not saying they put in a ton of stuff or add a few famous titles but at least they could've added more. There weren't any brochure guides or tour guides or enough info about the manga and it's characters. I'm also not saying that there should be cosplay, i'd rather not want that. It's just so bare bones that I felt it wasn't worth it :[

Still, it was a nice attempt. Hopefully, if they ever do this again, it would be more grandiose and fully loaded.