Sunday, October 2, 2011

Let's Omnomnom!: The Hashbrown Burger from Jollibee!

It was either we were so hungry or so drunk or so stoned...maybe all...when we start to think about food and the kinds of food we would want to eat. We would all think up of crazy mix and mashes of our fave foods and would salivate.

More or less, KFC indulged us with the same weird combination of food a year ago with it's Double Down. Now, it's Jollibee's turn with its HashBrown Burger.

Someone in the Jollibee think tank found it to be genius to place a meat patty inbetween two hashbrowns. Either he was drunk or stoned [maybe both], it was an idea worth a try that Jollibee started selling it.

Heck, Id do the same thing with Spam..or cornbeef...or a hotdog. Granted if I knew how to cook a HashBrown.

When I first saw the ad for it, I had a weird look on my face. I actually thought it would taste weird. So I naturally did what anyone would do. Get one and eat it.

The hashbrowns aren't your "standard" size. They're a bit bigger but not that big. As usual, they scrimped on the meat patty. Don't let pictures fool you. It looks smaller than it is. It also has a small thin slice of cheese and uh..I think [i'm not sure]...Jollibee's special burger sauce OR what seems to be Mayo....or I may have been imagining things.

Anyhoo, after taking a few bites, I couldn't taste the burger or anything else. All I could taste were the HashBrowns. I dunno why but even when there was meat and cheese in a bite, the HashBrowns overpower 'em.

For me, it wasn't entirely filling. I could prolly finish one in 3 big bites.Overall, it was just an ok sand...hmm..can we even call this sandwich?....anyway, it was just ok. It was a nice idea and may seem revolutionary but I've seen and tastd better food combinations. The price is also a tad high as well.

You can go and try one out for yourself but I'm in no hurry to buy me another one.

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