Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Let's Talk Comics! Cable Returns! Fear Itself: The Mighty!

Hullo again!

Doing my usual rounds on the 'net, I chanced upon to teaser images from Marvel. One is for the current storyline and one for a future storyline [which just so happens to star a character from the future :D].

But first, the teaser image of..THE MIGHTY...Avengers! [LOL]

Anyhoo, the picture above pretty much speaks for itself. If you're following the Fear Itself storyline, you'd be happily surprised [or not] that Tony pulled through with his weapon-making in Asgard and has now equipped most of his Avengers brethren with it. It's looks pretty awesome once you dismiss the fact how Tron-like some of them looks. Wolvie looks more feral, Tony in Destroyer Armor or something that looks like it is something to look forward to. Ironfst's weapon seems like it's just a long chain with a hammer head on the end and Spiderman...wristblades..? Really? Well, they all do seem powered-up, even Doc Strange's trenchcoat seems like enhanced..prolly a +12 Trenchcoat of Agamotto? [LOL].

One more thing that's nice is seeing red She-Hulk...with a sword that fits her. I would like to see her more around the marvel U. It seems that for now she's confined within the pages of the Hulk Comics. Hopefully with this, she'll be more "active".

This make's the ending for the storyline really interesting. We all know everything'll turn out ok but what're the implications? I'm inline to find out. 


There's no rest for the weary as after the whole Fear Itself brawl is over [and possibly the "Revengers" story arc as well]. The Avengers seems to in trouble...this time by a mutant who came back from the dead, Cable in Avngers: X-Sanction.

Well, we all know [most of us really] that Cable sacrificed himself to save the team sent to the future back home safe. Thus resulting in his death and the hatred of Hope Summers to Cyclops. Nothing was left except for his bionic arm! and then these...who couldn't lament over these iconic shots:

A few months later we're being teased with alot of pictures and hearsay and now [with the picture of Cable among the dead Avengers] it seems that they are bringing him back. Now this completely nulls my "Nate Grey/Xman is going to become Cable" theory I mentioned in the last comics post but it's interesting nonetheless.

Alot of questions pop up upon seeing the new teaser picture. I can't think up of new theories for this one but hopefully there'll be more info on it soon.

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