Tuesday, September 6, 2011

D'you remember...September?

It's been an eventful September so far. Aside from being the 15th month of being together with my girlfriend, it's also the month I gave her "her baby" Pancake! So more or less, it's like a birthday for Pancake since she turned 1 this year.

I'm also celebrating the start of my new work [training has ended] and my first pay as well [but it still seems like months away D:]. Work has been pretty much the same except for of course the lack of my old friends/officemates and of course, the difference in rules but it's pretty much awesome so far. My new co-workers are very much friendly and helpful. We had a small get together last month when our client from Korea came and that's where we mostly got along.

My younger sister went to Singapore [just last week] and from what I hear she's doing ok. I'm glad for her that she got the opportunity to work over there. I hope she does fine. I'm also glad that my cousin, an aunt and a close friend also lives/works there, she has a few people to go to just incase for emergencies.

Hobby-wise? Well, not that good since a new job means a new payroll which means [as aforementioned above] the pay will be coming late [due to the cut-off when I got in the company]. So I skipped a few good deals and missed out on an exclusive distribution but it's fine. Sooner or later, i'll have those things anyways LOL.

September...is also the month I list a Father for the second time. My stepdad died this month last year ad it still feels like we're still not over the fact that he's gone. He was a good man to my Mom and a great dad to my half-siblings so it was a really tremendous loss. We will miss him forever.

It's still the stat of September, there's still a few weeks to go...let's see what's in store and what adventure will come :D

advenuring through September!
- the alansong -

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