Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let's Talk Comics!

Hi guys! After my first toy review, let's talk shop about comics. I'm not really going to go into detail for now,just a few brief summaries of a few comic books I've read the past few weeks as well as the storylines.

I'm sort of on the fence liking and not liking both the "Fear Itself and "Spider Island" storylines from Marvel. I mean in "Fear Itself", they've taken out Bucky and there's a dark forboding feeling that Thor will be really, really hurt [and/or die]. It does have a few ok points as we see Tony sacrifice his pride and sobriety to help the heroes out.

"Spider Island" is a different thing. It's like the "Clone Saga" again but juiced-up on steroids. Everyone [seemingly] gets spider powers courtesy of the Jackal [Spiderman/Peter Parker obsessed much?] and he goes power mad with it along with his spider crew [one of which is Captain America[?] according to an issue of Venom]. I guess the only thing I like is the possible re-emergence of Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly! I've seen and geeked out on the teaser picture about it and I can't wait to see if he really comes back.

"Schism" is an Xmen storyline currently unfolding and it features a break up of the Xmen due to their different views. Mostly [as I've seen on the preview pics], it'll Cyke and Wolvie beating the hell each other out. Surprisingly, on those pictures, my respect for Cyke grew more as he manages to both attack and defend from the attacks of Wolvie and a Sentinel[?] despite being cut bad. The two teams under Wolvie and Cyke has already been made known and its shows that even blood relation won't be a factor as Rachel Summers and Havok are on Wolverine's side. Questions do abound though, like why is Sebastian Shaw even doing in Cyke's line-up? And [from the comments I've seen] where are the other X-kids?

One note on the Xmen thing though, since this is all coming down and X-Man/Nate Grey is back and regaining his strength, will this all be a prelude to the upcoming "Cable Reborn" storyline? And why do I have a hunch that Nate will "be"/"become" Cable...?

I've recently read the New Avengers Annual and it featured WonderMan's "Revengers". Basically they're all heroes themselves...or at least most are anti-heroes. Good to see ol' D-Man out if his Wolvie look-a-like costume though. Anyhoo, from what I've read, the whole thing feels like it's just WonderMan butt-hurting about the Avengers not listening to him.There isn't really any agenda at all. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Moving over to the DC side and it's reboots. I didn't read "Flashpoint" and didn't finish reading "Brightest Day" so to be honest, I don't get what the heck is going on [LOL]. But I decided to pick up a few #1's. Green Arrow seems great so far. A seemingly young Green Arrow and his crew battling evil. I like his "trick" arrows too. They're much more complicated than I thought.

I also read Stitchery and I didn't get what's happening. All I know that thy're recruiting Apollo and then get their butt kicked. I even LOL'ed at the part where J'onn said that he's a Hero but when he needs to be a Warrior, he can be one in StormWatch. Hmm, too X-force much?

 JLA is a re-telling of how they all came to be in one team. Bats and GL show up in the first issue. I really liked their rapport and how Batman is still such a bad-ass...and how GL is a pompous douche at times. We get a surprise at the end of the issue and the inevitable cliffhanger but it's worth it.

JLI on the other hand....well, it's nice to see how they tried to do the whole thing. I had fun reading the team's rapport with each other. Booster is trying so hard. Rocket Red is poking fun at August General In Iron' name [but really, who in the world would be name a hero that?] and Guy Gardner wouldn't be caught dead with the team but he will eventually [I think] since Ice is also with the team.

Well, that's it for the meantime. Hope you enjoyed reading! Till next time~

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