Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

It has been...a very surprising year at best.

Alot of stuff has happened, alot of things have changed...alot of things also stayed the same.

I can't say that it was a good year, with some unfortunate things happening. I can't say it was a bad year either. At best, I could say that it was a rollercoaster which I have been...well, "almost" accustomed of.

Still, it was an awesome year, unfortunately, I'll be spending it home alone as my granmum opted to spend new year's eve in Bataan. I couldn't go due to the fact that I have werk at 9am the next day.

Anyhoo, it's not how you celebrate the coming new's how you face it. I'm optimistic for the coming year and I know that this year will be better than the last.

Happy New Year!
Forward to Adventure 2012!
- the alansong -

Sheriff Sharivan/Accel/Red Turbo: Sentai X Toku Shoot

It has been awhile since I did any kind of shooting outside toys. I haven't been going to cosplay cons at all, I haven't really been looking around for shoots. It seemed that the last shoot I did was ages ago.

But a friend of mine managed to squeeze in one last [and first! LOL] shoot for 2011.

It actually started a few months [or weeks?] back when we had a talk on Plurk with regards  to doing a few shoots at the Factory they owned.He then came up with the idea of shooting a few cosplayers who were really awesome at their craft.It took awhile for it to be really set-up but last Dec. 30, we finally hit it off.

Niko and Dengs has always been on the cosplay scene, I've seen them at almost every con I've went to. They really go all out with their cosplays. I think it was the right idea to have a shoot for them.

It was my first shoot in a long time so it was a bit nerve-wracking. Lately, I've been just dealing with my action figures and I haven't really been brushing up on my photography and editing so it was a bit touch and go as well.

It took a bit of time but I naturally got back to shooting mode after a few shots. Ryan [the friend I was talking about] even let me use his 50mm.I used that little baby throughout the whole shoot [sorry kitlens ;w;] and it was hard at first. I haven't really tried shooting a lens with a fixed length but that 1.8 aperture was awesome.

Niko and Dengs were great to work with, very much enthusiastic. Although at times, I was lost at their conversations with Ryan as I haven't really watched anything Toku or Sentai as of late. I must admit that I got tired first rather than the cosplayers which showed that it really has been awhile.

The place for the shoot was awesome and spacious, granted it was a bit hot but it provided us with the backdrops and backgrounds needed.

I also decided to post my shots up on Google+ rather than Multiply or FB for obvious reasons. So without further ado, CLICK HERE to view my shoot shots. Creative criticisms are always welcome!

Shooting adventure!
- the alansong -

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Last year, I spent Christmas at werk. You may think that it was sad and some might think that it was a bummer to be spending Christmas at work..but not me.

Last year, I spent Christmas at werk...but I fully enjoyed it. Well, sort of. I was a bit sad that I couldn't spend Christmas with my gf [she slept over] and family. Unfortunately, that was the schedule.

Moving on, the reason why I didn't mind spending Christmas at werk last year was...I didn't see it as spending Christmas at werk. Rather, I saw it as spending Christmas with a group of friends doing a few things. The workload wasn't much and we enjoyed it anyways [worked for a gaming company] and the people were extremely awesome.

We just bought a few things and spent Noche Buena at our pantry. I'm sure the people who were there would say the same thing.

Flash forward to this years Christmas and new company/office, I was fortunate enough that my schedule doesn't let me werk on Christmas Eve. But My gf is spending hers with family in Tarlac and my Granmum seems like she's going to sleep it off.

But even with that, I'm still happy that i'll be spending Christmas at home this year. Why? Read the statement above this one again. The answer is there. 8D

Anyway, no matter where you are or how you celebrate Christmas remember to have fun and be merry! Be thankful for the things you've received as well.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Techno Teapot~

The first time I heard about it was thru a friend. Naturally, being a steampunk event, we all planned to go. I was already trying to think of what to wear. I already had the goggles that a friend of mine customized so awesomely,, now what's next?

I had ALOT of ideas but due to budget constraints, a taxing work schedule and me being not as creative as my friends, I just settled for something all black and a gauntlet [made by an officemate].

Naturally, it all looked great in my head LOL but hey, you be the judge.

awkward posing HOOOOOO~

Me and my girlfriend were the only ones who went from the initial group of friends that decided to go. It was a bit of a bummer but it's their fault. Anyhoo, it was our first time going to an event by ourselves without knowing anyone. Well, for the most part. My girlfriend knows one of the girls from Spidersilk, Maku and o'm "internet friends" [mostly on plurk and FB] with most of the people there. Ah the internet, even if you have conversed with people for a bit, it'll still be awkward when you try to converse with them in real life LOL So rather looking and sounding like a stalker [Oh hai, we're friends in plurk/fb blahblah], I went to wallflower mode xD

Anyhoo, the event was held at LRI Plaza which is not really difficult to get to. The while place was pretty and I have a feeling that my girlfriend will ask for us to go back there. The event venue itself was spacious and well-lit. The art pieces were all fantastic! It was filled it decorative pieces as well. 

They were already done with most of the individual performances as they started early on their last day. Food and refreshments were served by Dokissaten members. And being in someplace with art, it would be bad not to ask for wine to drink xD The cupcakes and s'mores that was served tasted great! I could've eaten ten or more if they kept coming out with it on the trays.

After wandering around, wining and dining and trying to and my girlfriend just picked a spot and stayed put. I must admit, with the goggles and gauntlet, I thought i'll be out of place [it wasn't the case as a few people with more awesome gear came in late] but lo and behold, who would've thunk that lil ol' me could win a " something [I forgot if it was costume or best dressed] Male"!

I didn't think going to the event that I would get to win anything. That's prolly why Dione [one of the big 3 of SpiderSilk] told me not to go anywhere yet. When they called my name, I thought I did something wrong LOL but I didn't and I had a stupid face all the time I was up there getting my prize for all the people to see.

channeling my inner-Gerry Alanguilan

I was happy of course. I haven't won anything in awhile and since it was my first time dressing up, it was something very memorable. The win scored me some awesome stickers and cookies to noms [and they got nom'd very well]. 

Overall, it was a great experience. Granted that I never really met anyone new [more or less] because of the delicate wallflower that I am [*blush*] it was still fun. I was glad that they made an event like this, hopefully there'll be more like it soon.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

'Tis Christmas once again!

Well, it's that time of year again where people spend alot of time in malls and relinquish everything that's inside their wallets.

Sure, people do that almost every month but at this time of year, the bar has been raised 100%. When you feel the cold air, christmas songs [well, they started playing those as early as two months ago], endless sales, and what employed people call "bonus"'d definitely know that it is christmas.

.....also, for the obvious which are, of course, the bright lights and decorations littered all around the place.

Oh! I also would like to point out that this is also the time of year when 110% of the employed populace love the number 13 irregardless of their personal superstitions they have of the number.

It is also a time to say thanks..well, Thanksgiving was last month but we don't really celebrate it over we? Still, saying our thanks for what transpired throughout the year, reflecting on our past experiences and looking forward to the coming year is something a few people do nowadays.

I'm thankful for a buttload of things but most recently I am thankful for..
- my job.. irregardless..
- my girlfriends' younger bro not being diagnosed with Dengue and getting out of the Hospital...also, the first communion of the said brother..
- my girlfriend attending the workshop of her dreams..
- the upcoming art exhibit/gothic and steam punk party this thursday til saturday by Spidersilk Productions...[their Tumblr and Facebook]
- even if it wasn't enough [at least for me], I got to treat my younger siblings to a movie and bought them their Xmas gifts...
- my sister who seems to be getting more comfortable with her job and adapting to life in Singapore..
- even if I did get robbed a month ago, i'm thankful that it wasn't my wallet...
- my girlfriend.

There are still alot of things but these are just what comes to mind as of the moment.

Let's not forget what the spirit of Christmas really is and let's try not to piss each other off, at least, during this month.

...OH! and if you haven't read it yet, please read the introduction story of Z ....and tell me what you think :D

Adventuring during Christmas!
- the alansong -

Thursday, November 24, 2011


*note:  It's been a long while since I wrote something that has a semblance to a story. The last time was prolly two years ago. Most of the things i've written are still in my Multiply page, you can visit there and read them if you like.

Recently, I showed a close friend of mine my old stuff and he said that it would work. He liked the story and urged me to continue it and write more. If time comes, someone will be doing the art and it'll b on Komikon. That sort of bought my Hopes up. Actually, I've had a few things floating in my head for a new story. I let my girlfriend read it first and she said that it was nice. Well, if it was good enough for her, it's good enough for me. Please do enjoy reading Z. Any comments and critiques are welcome!


“Are we ready to get started?”

His voice was a bit shaky at best but it took some guts for him to agree to what we asked of him, let alone be here.  I look around and see the people around me, their faces all lit up with smiles. But I know that in the back of their minds, they’re a bit worried.

I look back at him, “We need a few more minutes…it’s…there’s something still missing”.


Eunice wasn’t much of a quiet person but she’s our best look-out. “They come with company?” I bellowed back. It took awhile for Eunice to reply but she said that they did but they were a bit far. “Well, I sure hope they get here …and fast.” I said to myself.

I look around again; the smiles were now replaced with grimaces of concern. I felt a hand grip mine tightly, “You know…all that shouting awhile back..might’ve been a bad idea.”. She reached out and fixed my hair a bit, “There might be more around…”. I shrugged and smiled, I gazed at her lovely face. It’s more beautiful than it was when we first met.

There was a knock at the door.

“We got it, now let us in damn it!”

I turn to the door then turn to her again, a big smile on my face. She let go of my hand and urged me to go.  I ran as fast as I could to reach the door, a lot of people were already there.  I make my way through and got hold of Jerry. He was catching his breath but he had a big smile on his face. “That place you said was right on the money. But sadly, all we could salvage was this.” He handed me something hurriedly wrapped in plastic, “But it was danged worth it! You owe me! “. He proceeded to laugh and pat my back.

“I owe everyone who went out and got me this…I…I don’t know how to thank you guys.”

I was teary eyed. I never thought that there were still these kind of people around and that these people were my friends. It was almost a dream.  Tank came in and nudged me hard, it almost took the wind out of me. Damn guy doesn’t know his own strength. “You know what would be nice?” Tank said out loud. “It would be nice for you to go back up there and do what needs to be done! I’m getting mighty hungry!”. He then pushed me to that direction and gave me a wink and a thumbs up. “Tank’s right, go over there…get it done…we’ll be here covering your asses.” added Jerry as he reloads his rifle. I nodded and made my way back to her.

Jerry and Tank made sure the door was closed tight and assigned a few people at certain strategic points. These guys wouldn’t even tell me the time of day when everything was still fine. Now, they’re helping me out fulfill a risky but wonderful dream.

As I drew nearer to her, I try to hide the plastic behind my back. I see her all teary-eyed and smiling as get to her. “You silly, silly fool.” she said, “What did you do now?”. I smiled and unwrapped the plastic infront  of her, “Oh..just something that this kind of thing lacks.”. I hear her gasp as she covers her mouth. I could hear her utter the words “You didn’t..”.

Erza then took it from me and took her to the side, “Let’s not prolong this anymore shall we?, I’ll help her put it on”.

I nodded and looked back behind me. The door was shut tight, people were guarding each and every possible entrance and exit. Jerry and Tank were coming down the aisle, both seem to have ties on although Tank was a bit loose. “Here.” Jerry said as he gave me my own tie. “Put this on and let’s start…Ol’ Makoy seems like he’s gonna faint already.”.

I took the tie and loosely wore it on my neck. I also went to my place and asked Ol’ Makoy how he’s doing. “You young ones and your crazy ideas…still, at least this will make it official. I haven’t held any of these since…” I cut him short as Erza came back.

“She’s ready.”

And that she was, even if it was just a veil and a bouquet, she was more radiant than ever. She caught me staring at her with my mouth open as she took her place beside me. Ol’ Makoy coughed, “Now then..shall we?”.

I look around again. My best men were beside me as is her maid of honor. Everyone guarding the place had their eyes now on us, smiling. I even see Eunice looking down on us from her spot. She holds my hand and tugs on it. I try to look at her thru the veil but I know she’s smiling at me.

We both reply yes to Ol’ Makoy. But just as he was about to start, we hear them from a distance. They were drawing in close. Much faster than we anticipated. Tank cocks his shotgun, “Well, this ain’t your typical shotgun wedding.”.  Jerry and I laughed, I could feel Erza rolling her eyes. Again, Ol Makoy coughs and we stopped.

We stopped and urged him to start. I turn to my side then looked at her and nodded, she nodded back. I pull-out both my .45’s and made sure they’re loaded.  I grabbed hold of my katana at the side and loosened the knot from the sheath and guard. She, on the other hand, pulls out her crossbow and loads an arrow; she then fixes the rifle at her side and turns the safety off.  Even Erza was readying a few molotovs she concocted.

The whole church was full of the sound of guns cocking and stirring and then suddenly just silence. Only Ol’ Makoy can be heard and the occasional faraway moans.

“Now then, before we were interrupted…Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…”

-  ©amramos2001

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Before and After Komikon :D

Me and Mikee actually did a few things prior to going to Komikon.

We picked up a few toys and had a delightful lunch at Sbarro in SM Megamall.

Oooh, how artsy! LOL

It has been awhile since we ate out and this is actually our first time eating at Sbarro. We both love pasta and pizza so it is a bit surprising we haven't eaten there yet.

Pizza? Looks like more like Crime Scene...

Unfortunately, we both forgot to take pics of our orders before we started devouring them. But what the heck, better late than never eh?

We got a Chicago and a er..uhm..what was that pasta...well, it was pasta LOL The Chicago is featured above and it looked and tasted different than the Chicago I had years ago. Maybe they changed recipes eh?

We stayed at Sbarro for a bit because my girlfriend's Spinach Calzone hasn't come yet [and we already finished eating!]. After asking a few waiters a few times, it finally came!

Bread? Breaded Crab? Breaded Head Crab?! SRSLY it was really big!

It smelled really great and yummy. I had a little slice of  its bread and that alone was great. I didn't take another bite as I was already full.

We did have a surprise when my girlfriend opened it up.


The whole thing was loaded with spinach! It still smelled great but we were both surprised at the amount of Spinach encased in a yummy bread shell. Sadly, it wasn't all consumed. We were already full and the order came late. Oh well....

OH! and SM Free Wi-Fi fails and sucks...ALOT!

Then, we went to Komikon via Taxi as it was hot and we were bored and too full to walk and climb stairs/overpasses/lrt stations. LOL

If you want to know what happened at Komikon, click this...mind you, it's not that comprehensive.
If you want to read on...well, just read on! :D

We returned to Megamall after Komikon. Why? 
- we left a few things at the baggage counter so we wont be bringing tons of stuff at Komikon
- it was still early and we wanted to spend more time with each other
- we were hungry...well, I was..

We went to our usual stomping grounds: Toy Kingdom, the Department Store, BookSale, BioResearch and then Surplus Shop. We both browsed and bought a few things, I bought a new shirt with Worf and a ridiculous internet meme worthy phrase and she bought a few pretty dresses.

Oh, I forgot to mention in my Komikon blog that I won a free Trese inspired tshirt just minutes after we just came in. Thank god the first guy didn't know the correct answer and thanks to my girlfriend for pushing me to the front to answer.

Going back, dinnertime came and we were wondering where to eat. We settled at Karate Kid because we ate there before and it was pretty much ok.

So yea, Rule of Thirds is a better excuse than saying I can't take decent picture out of my new phone...which I truly can't

Mikee doesn't really like eating Japanese food while I adore it. It's a good thing she likes to eat at this place though...even if it doesn't really serve any traditional Japanese food other than fusion sushi[more or less].

Someone is enjoying her autographed copy of Kulas! :D

We perused and read a few of the things we got from Komikon while waiting for our order. Also, during that time, I think I already drank two glasses of their refillable Red Tea.

I can't recall how many times they refilled my glass hahahah~

Anyway, we ordered the good-for-two er...uhmm...[asks girlfriend thru chat] oh! Beef Tepanyaki!

Blurry pic ahoy!

It tasted great and I even ate the vegetables [fun fact: I don't eat vegetables. PERIOD.] But this time, I surprisingly ate almost half of what vegetables you see there. With the free rice and refillable drinks, we ate to our hearts content and we ended up being full again...which is always a good thing.

It capped off what was a pretty awesome day. I apologize for the pictures, was trying out my phone's camera [OH YEA I HAVE A NEW PHONE AGAIN] capabilities and also trying out a camera app[FxCamera].

Anyway, here's some gratuitous pictures of us via the same phone and app. Notice how my ridiculously large head cannot fit in the pictures.

 Hmm, this angle won't fit both of us..maybe if we did it horizontally?

There we go! Just a little bit more... 

Fark it, I suck ;w; Oh well..

Another great adventure down, going on to the next!
- The Alansong -

Monday, November 21, 2011

Komikon 2011

This was my actual first official Komikon [its 's kinda vague if I went one last two years ago, I think I did LOL] but in any case, it was my first Komikon with Mikee [Don't ask, it's just something me and her started hahah].


I'm a big comic fan. I've been reading comics since I can remember. Starting with the newspaper funnies and of course the newstand filipino Komiks, mostly it was Funny Komiks and Kick Fighter [although I know there was this other one, I forgot :/]. I would wake up early on fridays and go to the news stand at our local market and buy the newly delivered issues. I forego eating breakfast...well, maybe just a pandesal or two...then have my yaya dress me up for school. All the whle, I was reading the komiks I bought, as I coudln't bring them to school.

The next thing that happened is obvious. I started making my own komiks. From blank, unused notebooks to stapled bond paper that was folded in half. I was drawing away alot of stuff. I created a ton of characters and made a ton of storylines and adventures. I got most of those thru the comics I've read. Sadly, I couldn't draw that well...and it never progressed even though I was drawing all the time. But still I enjoyed it and it a great output and hobby for me at the time.

Now..on with KOMIKON 2011!

I think somebody's lost xD

The venue wasn't that far and was spacious enough, so that's a big plus. But I never thought that the crows was that big. I mean, granted that I knew there were ALOT of comic fans but WOW.

Mikee and me ended up walking around for a few times. Browsing the comic selections, checking out their wares, buying stuff. The wannabe comic writer/artist in me was envious of every one of the indie writers/artists  we saw along with their works. I thought that maybe I could've been part of this if I had really pushed through with comic writing/drawing.

Anyhoo....someone called my attention while I was browsing around. Lo and behold, it was a friend of mine and was also a former officemate/boss.

Awww, somebody is camera shy xD

Of course I bought a copy of his work [which was awesome]. I was and wasn't surprised that he was there. I knew he was working on a comic I didn't know that he'll be in Komikon as one of the exhibitors [that's the correct term right?].  I also bumped into a few more friends who were comics fans as well.

And of course, if there are fans, there will be people who they adore. :D Unfortunately, I couldn't get enough pictures.


 Sadly, I didn't bring my copy of PB23 :[

 I wondered where my copy of De-Kada was and if Lyndon already signed that one.

Budjette Tan signing a print for Mikee.

Over-all, it was a great experience going there. Even if we couldn't buy a few things or have photo-ops with the artists and writers that we admire, it was still a day well spent.

Looking forward to Summer Komikon :D

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A lapse of Judgement..

Why the title? Well, I experienced just that a few days ago....when I lost my brand new cellphone.

It seemed like a regular trek going home from werk [working a 12hour, 9am-9pm shift]. I was listening to music from my new phone and was on the way to ride the MRT with a friend/officemate [we both were heading the same way home].  The first red light actually came before me via the volume of people in line going to ride the MRt but I still opted to ride anyways. The 2nd was that me and my fiend usually got on the 1st train that comes in but this was not the case tonight. The 3rd was an unnerving feeling I had. I cannot explain why, but it felt like something was telling me not to push through riding the MRT.

But I shrugged it off.

The 4th train came and I was able to get in...but the music blasting in my headset stopped. I just thought that with the people, it must've caught someone going off and got ripped off the phone so I didn't pay attention.

How wrong I was.

When me and my friend was able to move further in the train, I felt for my phone and it was gone. The color of my face drained, I was wrapped in cold sweat and I felt my strength was sucked away. I then said out loud that my phone was gone and looked at the floor and the immediate surrounding...nothing.

Try as my friend might, she couldn't really console me. All that I kept saying after that was "fucking stupid" over and over again. Thoughts raced through my head, "What will my granmum say?" "fucking stupid" "I knew I should've taken the bus" "This is one of the reasons why I hate the morning shift"..

I went home as fats as I could and told my granmum about it. I kind of woke her up but i did have to tell her. I wanted to apologize to her because of what happened. Why? She helped me buy that cellphone [which we had a deal that I will pay her monthly]. And losing it felt that I lost her trust in me and showed that I was careless with the thing she gave me. I really felt guilty.


This was the real first cellphone that was bought for me. Something that was brand new and wasn't a hand me down. Most of the previous phones I had was from my older brother. I'm not one to complain but it would've been nice to get a new phone. And now that I was able to get one, I lost it to a darn pickpocket.

You see, I haven't had any incident like this...ever. Even from previous jobs where I went home late. The only time I only got robbed was when I got mugged during highschool and a knife was placed upon my neck. After that incident,  I was now often wary of bag-slicers and snatchers on buses and people on the street. I was careful, I didn't want to make people worry. I even have an army knife tucked in my back pocket to ward of a mugger. But I couldn't stop a pickpocket.

Funny and tragic thing is, my girlfriend lost her phone a few weeks ago. It slipped from her pocket and was never to be seen again. I guess that's prolly one more thing we have in common. Anyhoo, I'm trying hard to see the silver lining in what happened. That it was better they got the phone and not my wallet as ALOT of things are currently in my wallet that's more important than a phone. That it was better than getting hurt in a mugging. I also thought that it was a little bit of divine intervention of sorts. That my phone getting stolen was some sort of sacrifice in order for my older bro to have a safe trip while he's in China and also safety for my younger sister who works as a nurse in Singapore. if that was the case, then i'd gladly sacrifice my phone for both of their safety. I'd rather have two great albeit irritable at times siblings rather than just have a phone.

...besides, I can get a new one but that's prolly going to take awhile.

I actually have thought about selling a few my toys to get funds for a new phone. But I'm still on the fence on that one as I think the ones i'll be selling off won't be enough.

Anyhoo, yesterday I didn't [prolly wont] go home via MRT. I went home via bus, it's slower and it's going to add to my daily travel expenses but I feel that it's a bit least for me.

That lapse of judgement that night will be of those things that will haunt me. I pray that it won't happen to any of my family and friends.

Precious cargo has been lost..but the adventure continues...
~ The Alansong ~

Friday, November 11, 2011

Let's Omnomnom!: Double Down Zinger from KFC

The Double Down was prolly the most ambitious and weird things KFC thought up of last year. But it sort of clicked as most KFC branches me and my gf went to sold out of those babies. I was able to taste one at a branch found at the MRT Ayala Station, and it was pretty good.

Now that it's back, KFC added some zing to it. They replaced the original recipe "chicken buns" with the hot and spicy ones.

It provided the "kick" the old Double Down lacked. For me, it was much better with hot and spicy than original. Although they really didn't change much of the recipe. It still has the same ingredients between those "buns" but I think it seems like it's a bit bigger. I'm not sure, maybe it depends.

I liked how they made it into zinger buns. I like hot and spicy foods but my body doesn't as it sweats profusely as I eat anything spicy. It definitely goes well with a large drink and some fries.

Anyhoo, it's a good replacement if you're craving for a hot and spicy burger. It may still be a bit greasy and prolly unhealthy with multiple consumptions but it still tastes great.

Let's Talk Figures!: Marvel Universe X-23

Seems like Crossbones is unaware of things to come...

They've almost done everything to Wolverine and I think one of the best was introducing Laura Kinney, X-23, as a clone of his.

The recent wave gave use X-23 in her X-force regalia. Her time with X-force was prolly the most brutal we've ever seen of her. A calculated yet sometimes feral killing machine. Ol' Logan disapproved but there's no stopping X-23.

Calm before the storm..

First off, I'm glad and thankful that my girlfriend got to reserve and get me this figure at GreattoysOnline. I thought I won't be able to have this fig but she surprised me and got me one.


Unlike the previous MU women that came out, X-23 has a much better mold. Swivel elbows, thighs and ankles are what separates and gives her an edge. Black Widow and Ms. Marvel would've used at least swivel elbows. Other than that, she has the same articulation as most recent MU figures.

Just look at that figure! Perfection! ..more or less. Her face has some nice paint apps and her hair is bendy/rubbery enough to allow a few nice poses. Her face seems a bit older than what she looks like in the comics but its still a great mold.

She only comes with the typical stand. Hasbro really needs to up the ante on accessorizing MU figs. For example, X-23 could've used another pair of feet that has claws and another pair of un-clawed hands. maybe an extra unmasked head while you're at it. Now that would've made this figure truly awesome.

Yep, you can tip her head like so...and now we have our obligatory "brooding" pose.

X-23 is a tall smexy glass of water. A bit taller than most MU women and almost the same hieght as other figures from other 3.75/4" toyline. She really does stand out among the rest.

Over-all she's an awesome addition to your Marvel Universe collection. Especially with the X-force Boxset that's out in stores. 

Now for some fun! Till next figure!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Let's Talk Figures!: Revoltech War Machine

When the news of an IronMan Revoltech came out, alot of people clamored and assumed that a Revoltech War Machine would be next. I was one of them. I was also one of the dozens who went *squeeee* and went giddy like a little girl when Revoltech War Machine was announced and the preview shots went online.

My girflfriend is actually a bigger fan of War Machine than I am so I told her about the news. She pre-ordered one as soon as possible. We were both excited when it arrived. Since its hers, she got first crack at it then she lent it to me for a review.


He looks so awesome! And the Revo joints hide so well. He's what you expect from Revoltech. All in all the details are top notch. Scale-wise, he's close to 6 inches. I don't have any 6inch figs but I saw a comparison pic of this to the Hasbro WM and Initiative WM and he's just right.

The back isn't as much exciting as the front and those Revo joints seem like inflamed knee joints but it still looks ok. As you can prolly see at the front, his shoulders seem like not level to where shoulders should be. Adjusting it would be ok but it's not really a big deal. His shoulder pads can be moved and adjusted as it is also uses a small Revo joint to freely move. That's a good thing as it doesn't restrict arm movement.

As you have noticed, the upper part of this fig seems a big clunky and heavy. You're actually right, this fig is top heavy but can stand on its own. Unfortunately, when it's time from some posing, you'll need a stand. Preferably the ones for 6 inchers [which I didn't have], all the stands I have wasn't stable enough to support him. And other Revo stands weren't a help since this fig didn't have a while at the back and the holes under his feet is small and can't fit on the stand pegs unless you force it.

A closer inspection on the face shows that the eyes seems to have some quality control problems with the paint. I guess someone didn't use a finer brush..or whatever. The reactor on the chest really just looks so bland. I just wish hat they added a little blue or red to add a little pizzaz. It just looks like an out of place white hole.

You're not called War Machine without some ordinance but since this fig is based from the IronMan 2 Movie version of War Machine, all it has are the gun-arms and that single chain gun on his back. The gun-arms are greatly detailed. It looks as if they can be taken off [I do believe that they can, didn't try though] and WM can hold them and use them as regular guns. The chain gun can be independently moved. It has Revo joints as well and it can be moved from left to right, front and back. Just like how it moved during the last battle with the drones in the movie. It does seem lacking in firepower but since its based from the movie, I can't complain.

Accessory - wise, I found it a bit lacking. Sure the extra hands for posing and the "gun fire" effects are nice but it lacks a figure stand. I know the Iron Man Revo didn't have a stand per se but it did have that "lift-off" effect, that kinda counts as a stand. I'm glad it did have that orange box to keep all the little accessories from being lost but the fact that they didn't include a figure stand was a negative for me [as mentioned above, the fig is top heavy].

Anyway, time for some action!

Wanna know a secret? I did all those action shots while the fig was kneeling. LOL

Anyway, it's a hit and miss for this particular kind of figure. While it's a definite buy for WM fans, it's not as much a buy for Revoltech and Marvel fans alike. The 6inch Hasbro version would still be ideal for a 6inch WM...or so i've read. So unless you're a fan and/or has extra cash, its a good buy.

Tony, draw me like one of your French girls.....

Let's Omnomnom!: Grilled Pork Tenders from Jollibee!

Pic from Jollibee site, credits to them. Couldn't find any actual picture ad of the product on the 'net.

A few weeks ago, while me and my num nums were on the way to Makati, we saw a billboard an from Jollibee promoting their new addition to their menu which was dubbed "Grilled Pork Tenders".

Seeing the promo ad/billboard made me want to try it out. Good thing my num nums pointed out that there was a Jollibee nearby her workplace [hence why we were going to Makati]. Judging from the picture, it looks like a semblance of pan-grilled porkchops. I thought that at last, some big meat in the Jollibee menu. And an affordable one at that since it's Jollibee. 

But seeing how pictures from ads are ALOT different from the actual product, I didn't really hope for the best. And after getting to Jollibee and finally getting the Grilled Pork Tenders infront of me...I was right.

i dunno..does this look like its grilled to you?

It didn't look anywhere near "grilled" or even anywhere near what it's supposed to look like. Then again, I already knew that was expecting it somewhat. 

A closer look.

Basically, it just looks like pork BBQ removed from the stick. I don't exactly know how or what a "Tender" actually looks like but I think this fits the bill. 

Sure they didn't get the "grilled" look down, but what about the taste you ask? Imagine Pork chunks/bits marinated in Jollibee's "BBQ Chicken" sauce. That's it. That's how they taste like. So whether or not you like Jollibee's BBQ Chicken might come in as a factor when you're eating this. But the meat is soft and juicy and the meal is accompanied with calamansi and soy sauce. It doesn't add much but it helps.

I also tried this meal out in two other branches just to see if there's a difference but it's just the same. All in all, it's a nice meal to try out the first time but after that, it's not really much of anything else.