Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sheriff Sharivan/Accel/Red Turbo: Sentai X Toku Shoot

It has been awhile since I did any kind of shooting outside toys. I haven't been going to cosplay cons at all, I haven't really been looking around for shoots. It seemed that the last shoot I did was ages ago.

But a friend of mine managed to squeeze in one last [and first! LOL] shoot for 2011.

It actually started a few months [or weeks?] back when we had a talk on Plurk with regards  to doing a few shoots at the Factory they owned.He then came up with the idea of shooting a few cosplayers who were really awesome at their craft.It took awhile for it to be really set-up but last Dec. 30, we finally hit it off.

Niko and Dengs has always been on the cosplay scene, I've seen them at almost every con I've went to. They really go all out with their cosplays. I think it was the right idea to have a shoot for them.

It was my first shoot in a long time so it was a bit nerve-wracking. Lately, I've been just dealing with my action figures and I haven't really been brushing up on my photography and editing so it was a bit touch and go as well.

It took a bit of time but I naturally got back to shooting mode after a few shots. Ryan [the friend I was talking about] even let me use his 50mm.I used that little baby throughout the whole shoot [sorry kitlens ;w;] and it was hard at first. I haven't really tried shooting a lens with a fixed length but that 1.8 aperture was awesome.

Niko and Dengs were great to work with, very much enthusiastic. Although at times, I was lost at their conversations with Ryan as I haven't really watched anything Toku or Sentai as of late. I must admit that I got tired first rather than the cosplayers which showed that it really has been awhile.

The place for the shoot was awesome and spacious, granted it was a bit hot but it provided us with the backdrops and backgrounds needed.

I also decided to post my shots up on Google+ rather than Multiply or FB for obvious reasons. So without further ado, CLICK HERE to view my shoot shots. Creative criticisms are always welcome!

Shooting adventure!
- the alansong -

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