Thursday, December 15, 2011

Techno Teapot~

The first time I heard about it was thru a friend. Naturally, being a steampunk event, we all planned to go. I was already trying to think of what to wear. I already had the goggles that a friend of mine customized so awesomely,, now what's next?

I had ALOT of ideas but due to budget constraints, a taxing work schedule and me being not as creative as my friends, I just settled for something all black and a gauntlet [made by an officemate].

Naturally, it all looked great in my head LOL but hey, you be the judge.

awkward posing HOOOOOO~

Me and my girlfriend were the only ones who went from the initial group of friends that decided to go. It was a bit of a bummer but it's their fault. Anyhoo, it was our first time going to an event by ourselves without knowing anyone. Well, for the most part. My girlfriend knows one of the girls from Spidersilk, Maku and o'm "internet friends" [mostly on plurk and FB] with most of the people there. Ah the internet, even if you have conversed with people for a bit, it'll still be awkward when you try to converse with them in real life LOL So rather looking and sounding like a stalker [Oh hai, we're friends in plurk/fb blahblah], I went to wallflower mode xD

Anyhoo, the event was held at LRI Plaza which is not really difficult to get to. The while place was pretty and I have a feeling that my girlfriend will ask for us to go back there. The event venue itself was spacious and well-lit. The art pieces were all fantastic! It was filled it decorative pieces as well. 

They were already done with most of the individual performances as they started early on their last day. Food and refreshments were served by Dokissaten members. And being in someplace with art, it would be bad not to ask for wine to drink xD The cupcakes and s'mores that was served tasted great! I could've eaten ten or more if they kept coming out with it on the trays.

After wandering around, wining and dining and trying to and my girlfriend just picked a spot and stayed put. I must admit, with the goggles and gauntlet, I thought i'll be out of place [it wasn't the case as a few people with more awesome gear came in late] but lo and behold, who would've thunk that lil ol' me could win a " something [I forgot if it was costume or best dressed] Male"!

I didn't think going to the event that I would get to win anything. That's prolly why Dione [one of the big 3 of SpiderSilk] told me not to go anywhere yet. When they called my name, I thought I did something wrong LOL but I didn't and I had a stupid face all the time I was up there getting my prize for all the people to see.

channeling my inner-Gerry Alanguilan

I was happy of course. I haven't won anything in awhile and since it was my first time dressing up, it was something very memorable. The win scored me some awesome stickers and cookies to noms [and they got nom'd very well]. 

Overall, it was a great experience. Granted that I never really met anyone new [more or less] because of the delicate wallflower that I am [*blush*] it was still fun. I was glad that they made an event like this, hopefully there'll be more like it soon.

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