Friday, November 11, 2011

Let's Omnomnom!: Double Down Zinger from KFC

The Double Down was prolly the most ambitious and weird things KFC thought up of last year. But it sort of clicked as most KFC branches me and my gf went to sold out of those babies. I was able to taste one at a branch found at the MRT Ayala Station, and it was pretty good.

Now that it's back, KFC added some zing to it. They replaced the original recipe "chicken buns" with the hot and spicy ones.

It provided the "kick" the old Double Down lacked. For me, it was much better with hot and spicy than original. Although they really didn't change much of the recipe. It still has the same ingredients between those "buns" but I think it seems like it's a bit bigger. I'm not sure, maybe it depends.

I liked how they made it into zinger buns. I like hot and spicy foods but my body doesn't as it sweats profusely as I eat anything spicy. It definitely goes well with a large drink and some fries.

Anyhoo, it's a good replacement if you're craving for a hot and spicy burger. It may still be a bit greasy and prolly unhealthy with multiple consumptions but it still tastes great.

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