Monday, November 21, 2011

Komikon 2011

This was my actual first official Komikon [its 's kinda vague if I went one last two years ago, I think I did LOL] but in any case, it was my first Komikon with Mikee [Don't ask, it's just something me and her started hahah].


I'm a big comic fan. I've been reading comics since I can remember. Starting with the newspaper funnies and of course the newstand filipino Komiks, mostly it was Funny Komiks and Kick Fighter [although I know there was this other one, I forgot :/]. I would wake up early on fridays and go to the news stand at our local market and buy the newly delivered issues. I forego eating breakfast...well, maybe just a pandesal or two...then have my yaya dress me up for school. All the whle, I was reading the komiks I bought, as I coudln't bring them to school.

The next thing that happened is obvious. I started making my own komiks. From blank, unused notebooks to stapled bond paper that was folded in half. I was drawing away alot of stuff. I created a ton of characters and made a ton of storylines and adventures. I got most of those thru the comics I've read. Sadly, I couldn't draw that well...and it never progressed even though I was drawing all the time. But still I enjoyed it and it a great output and hobby for me at the time.

Now..on with KOMIKON 2011!

I think somebody's lost xD

The venue wasn't that far and was spacious enough, so that's a big plus. But I never thought that the crows was that big. I mean, granted that I knew there were ALOT of comic fans but WOW.

Mikee and me ended up walking around for a few times. Browsing the comic selections, checking out their wares, buying stuff. The wannabe comic writer/artist in me was envious of every one of the indie writers/artists  we saw along with their works. I thought that maybe I could've been part of this if I had really pushed through with comic writing/drawing.

Anyhoo....someone called my attention while I was browsing around. Lo and behold, it was a friend of mine and was also a former officemate/boss.

Awww, somebody is camera shy xD

Of course I bought a copy of his work [which was awesome]. I was and wasn't surprised that he was there. I knew he was working on a comic I didn't know that he'll be in Komikon as one of the exhibitors [that's the correct term right?].  I also bumped into a few more friends who were comics fans as well.

And of course, if there are fans, there will be people who they adore. :D Unfortunately, I couldn't get enough pictures.


 Sadly, I didn't bring my copy of PB23 :[

 I wondered where my copy of De-Kada was and if Lyndon already signed that one.

Budjette Tan signing a print for Mikee.

Over-all, it was a great experience going there. Even if we couldn't buy a few things or have photo-ops with the artists and writers that we admire, it was still a day well spent.

Looking forward to Summer Komikon :D

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