Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Before and After Komikon :D

Me and Mikee actually did a few things prior to going to Komikon.

We picked up a few toys and had a delightful lunch at Sbarro in SM Megamall.

Oooh, how artsy! LOL

It has been awhile since we ate out and this is actually our first time eating at Sbarro. We both love pasta and pizza so it is a bit surprising we haven't eaten there yet.

Pizza? Looks like more like Crime Scene...

Unfortunately, we both forgot to take pics of our orders before we started devouring them. But what the heck, better late than never eh?

We got a Chicago and a er..uhm..what was that pasta...well, it was pasta LOL The Chicago is featured above and it looked and tasted different than the Chicago I had years ago. Maybe they changed recipes eh?

We stayed at Sbarro for a bit because my girlfriend's Spinach Calzone hasn't come yet [and we already finished eating!]. After asking a few waiters a few times, it finally came!

Bread? Breaded Crab? Breaded Head Crab?! SRSLY it was really big!

It smelled really great and yummy. I had a little slice of  its bread and that alone was great. I didn't take another bite as I was already full.

We did have a surprise when my girlfriend opened it up.


The whole thing was loaded with spinach! It still smelled great but we were both surprised at the amount of Spinach encased in a yummy bread shell. Sadly, it wasn't all consumed. We were already full and the order came late. Oh well....

OH! and SM Free Wi-Fi fails and sucks...ALOT!

Then, we went to Komikon via Taxi as it was hot and we were bored and too full to walk and climb stairs/overpasses/lrt stations. LOL

If you want to know what happened at Komikon, click this...mind you, it's not that comprehensive.
If you want to read on...well, just read on! :D

We returned to Megamall after Komikon. Why? 
- we left a few things at the baggage counter so we wont be bringing tons of stuff at Komikon
- it was still early and we wanted to spend more time with each other
- we were hungry...well, I was..

We went to our usual stomping grounds: Toy Kingdom, the Department Store, BookSale, BioResearch and then Surplus Shop. We both browsed and bought a few things, I bought a new shirt with Worf and a ridiculous internet meme worthy phrase and she bought a few pretty dresses.

Oh, I forgot to mention in my Komikon blog that I won a free Trese inspired tshirt just minutes after we just came in. Thank god the first guy didn't know the correct answer and thanks to my girlfriend for pushing me to the front to answer.

Going back, dinnertime came and we were wondering where to eat. We settled at Karate Kid because we ate there before and it was pretty much ok.

So yea, Rule of Thirds is a better excuse than saying I can't take decent picture out of my new phone...which I truly can't

Mikee doesn't really like eating Japanese food while I adore it. It's a good thing she likes to eat at this place though...even if it doesn't really serve any traditional Japanese food other than fusion sushi[more or less].

Someone is enjoying her autographed copy of Kulas! :D

We perused and read a few of the things we got from Komikon while waiting for our order. Also, during that time, I think I already drank two glasses of their refillable Red Tea.

I can't recall how many times they refilled my glass hahahah~

Anyway, we ordered the good-for-two er...uhmm...[asks girlfriend thru chat] oh! Beef Tepanyaki!

Blurry pic ahoy!

It tasted great and I even ate the vegetables [fun fact: I don't eat vegetables. PERIOD.] But this time, I surprisingly ate almost half of what vegetables you see there. With the free rice and refillable drinks, we ate to our hearts content and we ended up being full again...which is always a good thing.

It capped off what was a pretty awesome day. I apologize for the pictures, was trying out my phone's camera [OH YEA I HAVE A NEW PHONE AGAIN] capabilities and also trying out a camera app[FxCamera].

Anyway, here's some gratuitous pictures of us via the same phone and app. Notice how my ridiculously large head cannot fit in the pictures.

 Hmm, this angle won't fit both of us..maybe if we did it horizontally?

There we go! Just a little bit more... 

Fark it, I suck ;w; Oh well..

Another great adventure down, going on to the next!
- The Alansong -

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