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*note:  It's been a long while since I wrote something that has a semblance to a story. The last time was prolly two years ago. Most of the things i've written are still in my Multiply page, you can visit there and read them if you like.

Recently, I showed a close friend of mine my old stuff and he said that it would work. He liked the story and urged me to continue it and write more. If time comes, someone will be doing the art and it'll b on Komikon. That sort of bought my Hopes up. Actually, I've had a few things floating in my head for a new story. I let my girlfriend read it first and she said that it was nice. Well, if it was good enough for her, it's good enough for me. Please do enjoy reading Z. Any comments and critiques are welcome!


“Are we ready to get started?”

His voice was a bit shaky at best but it took some guts for him to agree to what we asked of him, let alone be here.  I look around and see the people around me, their faces all lit up with smiles. But I know that in the back of their minds, they’re a bit worried.

I look back at him, “We need a few more minutes…it’s…there’s something still missing”.


Eunice wasn’t much of a quiet person but she’s our best look-out. “They come with company?” I bellowed back. It took awhile for Eunice to reply but she said that they did but they were a bit far. “Well, I sure hope they get here …and fast.” I said to myself.

I look around again; the smiles were now replaced with grimaces of concern. I felt a hand grip mine tightly, “You know…all that shouting awhile back..might’ve been a bad idea.”. She reached out and fixed my hair a bit, “There might be more around…”. I shrugged and smiled, I gazed at her lovely face. It’s more beautiful than it was when we first met.

There was a knock at the door.

“We got it, now let us in damn it!”

I turn to the door then turn to her again, a big smile on my face. She let go of my hand and urged me to go.  I ran as fast as I could to reach the door, a lot of people were already there.  I make my way through and got hold of Jerry. He was catching his breath but he had a big smile on his face. “That place you said was right on the money. But sadly, all we could salvage was this.” He handed me something hurriedly wrapped in plastic, “But it was danged worth it! You owe me! “. He proceeded to laugh and pat my back.

“I owe everyone who went out and got me this…I…I don’t know how to thank you guys.”

I was teary eyed. I never thought that there were still these kind of people around and that these people were my friends. It was almost a dream.  Tank came in and nudged me hard, it almost took the wind out of me. Damn guy doesn’t know his own strength. “You know what would be nice?” Tank said out loud. “It would be nice for you to go back up there and do what needs to be done! I’m getting mighty hungry!”. He then pushed me to that direction and gave me a wink and a thumbs up. “Tank’s right, go over there…get it done…we’ll be here covering your asses.” added Jerry as he reloads his rifle. I nodded and made my way back to her.

Jerry and Tank made sure the door was closed tight and assigned a few people at certain strategic points. These guys wouldn’t even tell me the time of day when everything was still fine. Now, they’re helping me out fulfill a risky but wonderful dream.

As I drew nearer to her, I try to hide the plastic behind my back. I see her all teary-eyed and smiling as get to her. “You silly, silly fool.” she said, “What did you do now?”. I smiled and unwrapped the plastic infront  of her, “Oh..just something that this kind of thing lacks.”. I hear her gasp as she covers her mouth. I could hear her utter the words “You didn’t..”.

Erza then took it from me and took her to the side, “Let’s not prolong this anymore shall we?, I’ll help her put it on”.

I nodded and looked back behind me. The door was shut tight, people were guarding each and every possible entrance and exit. Jerry and Tank were coming down the aisle, both seem to have ties on although Tank was a bit loose. “Here.” Jerry said as he gave me my own tie. “Put this on and let’s start…Ol’ Makoy seems like he’s gonna faint already.”.

I took the tie and loosely wore it on my neck. I also went to my place and asked Ol’ Makoy how he’s doing. “You young ones and your crazy ideas…still, at least this will make it official. I haven’t held any of these since…” I cut him short as Erza came back.

“She’s ready.”

And that she was, even if it was just a veil and a bouquet, she was more radiant than ever. She caught me staring at her with my mouth open as she took her place beside me. Ol’ Makoy coughed, “Now then..shall we?”.

I look around again. My best men were beside me as is her maid of honor. Everyone guarding the place had their eyes now on us, smiling. I even see Eunice looking down on us from her spot. She holds my hand and tugs on it. I try to look at her thru the veil but I know she’s smiling at me.

We both reply yes to Ol’ Makoy. But just as he was about to start, we hear them from a distance. They were drawing in close. Much faster than we anticipated. Tank cocks his shotgun, “Well, this ain’t your typical shotgun wedding.”.  Jerry and I laughed, I could feel Erza rolling her eyes. Again, Ol Makoy coughs and we stopped.

We stopped and urged him to start. I turn to my side then looked at her and nodded, she nodded back. I pull-out both my .45’s and made sure they’re loaded.  I grabbed hold of my katana at the side and loosened the knot from the sheath and guard. She, on the other hand, pulls out her crossbow and loads an arrow; she then fixes the rifle at her side and turns the safety off.  Even Erza was readying a few molotovs she concocted.

The whole church was full of the sound of guns cocking and stirring and then suddenly just silence. Only Ol’ Makoy can be heard and the occasional faraway moans.

“Now then, before we were interrupted…Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…”

-  ©amramos2001

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