Tuesday, December 6, 2011

'Tis Christmas once again!

Well, it's that time of year again where people spend alot of time in malls and relinquish everything that's inside their wallets.

Sure, people do that almost every month but at this time of year, the bar has been raised 100%. When you feel the cold air, christmas songs [well, they started playing those as early as two months ago], endless sales, and what employed people call "bonus"...you'd definitely know that it is christmas.

.....also, for the obvious which are, of course, the bright lights and decorations littered all around the place.

Oh! I also would like to point out that this is also the time of year when 110% of the employed populace love the number 13 irregardless of their personal superstitions they have of the number.

It is also a time to say thanks..well, Thanksgiving was last month but we don't really celebrate it over here...do we? Still, saying our thanks for what transpired throughout the year, reflecting on our past experiences and looking forward to the coming year is something a few people do nowadays.

I'm thankful for a buttload of things but most recently I am thankful for..
- my job.. irregardless..
- my girlfriends' younger bro not being diagnosed with Dengue and getting out of the Hospital...also, the first communion of the said brother..
- my girlfriend attending the workshop of her dreams..
- the upcoming art exhibit/gothic and steam punk party this thursday til saturday by Spidersilk Productions...[their Tumblr and Facebook]
- even if it wasn't enough [at least for me], I got to treat my younger siblings to a movie and bought them their Xmas gifts...
- my sister who seems to be getting more comfortable with her job and adapting to life in Singapore..
- even if I did get robbed a month ago, i'm thankful that it wasn't my wallet...
- my girlfriend.

There are still alot of things but these are just what comes to mind as of the moment.

Let's not forget what the spirit of Christmas really is and let's try not to piss each other off, at least, during this month.

...OH! and if you haven't read it yet, please read the introduction story of Z ....and tell me what you think :D

Adventuring during Christmas!
- the alansong -

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