Friday, October 28, 2011

Let's Talk Figures!: Revoltech War Machine

When the news of an IronMan Revoltech came out, alot of people clamored and assumed that a Revoltech War Machine would be next. I was one of them. I was also one of the dozens who went *squeeee* and went giddy like a little girl when Revoltech War Machine was announced and the preview shots went online.

My girflfriend is actually a bigger fan of War Machine than I am so I told her about the news. She pre-ordered one as soon as possible. We were both excited when it arrived. Since its hers, she got first crack at it then she lent it to me for a review.


He looks so awesome! And the Revo joints hide so well. He's what you expect from Revoltech. All in all the details are top notch. Scale-wise, he's close to 6 inches. I don't have any 6inch figs but I saw a comparison pic of this to the Hasbro WM and Initiative WM and he's just right.

The back isn't as much exciting as the front and those Revo joints seem like inflamed knee joints but it still looks ok. As you can prolly see at the front, his shoulders seem like not level to where shoulders should be. Adjusting it would be ok but it's not really a big deal. His shoulder pads can be moved and adjusted as it is also uses a small Revo joint to freely move. That's a good thing as it doesn't restrict arm movement.

As you have noticed, the upper part of this fig seems a big clunky and heavy. You're actually right, this fig is top heavy but can stand on its own. Unfortunately, when it's time from some posing, you'll need a stand. Preferably the ones for 6 inchers [which I didn't have], all the stands I have wasn't stable enough to support him. And other Revo stands weren't a help since this fig didn't have a while at the back and the holes under his feet is small and can't fit on the stand pegs unless you force it.

A closer inspection on the face shows that the eyes seems to have some quality control problems with the paint. I guess someone didn't use a finer brush..or whatever. The reactor on the chest really just looks so bland. I just wish hat they added a little blue or red to add a little pizzaz. It just looks like an out of place white hole.

You're not called War Machine without some ordinance but since this fig is based from the IronMan 2 Movie version of War Machine, all it has are the gun-arms and that single chain gun on his back. The gun-arms are greatly detailed. It looks as if they can be taken off [I do believe that they can, didn't try though] and WM can hold them and use them as regular guns. The chain gun can be independently moved. It has Revo joints as well and it can be moved from left to right, front and back. Just like how it moved during the last battle with the drones in the movie. It does seem lacking in firepower but since its based from the movie, I can't complain.

Accessory - wise, I found it a bit lacking. Sure the extra hands for posing and the "gun fire" effects are nice but it lacks a figure stand. I know the Iron Man Revo didn't have a stand per se but it did have that "lift-off" effect, that kinda counts as a stand. I'm glad it did have that orange box to keep all the little accessories from being lost but the fact that they didn't include a figure stand was a negative for me [as mentioned above, the fig is top heavy].

Anyway, time for some action!

Wanna know a secret? I did all those action shots while the fig was kneeling. LOL

Anyway, it's a hit and miss for this particular kind of figure. While it's a definite buy for WM fans, it's not as much a buy for Revoltech and Marvel fans alike. The 6inch Hasbro version would still be ideal for a 6inch WM...or so i've read. So unless you're a fan and/or has extra cash, its a good buy.

Tony, draw me like one of your French girls.....

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  1. yay! I miss him so much. come back to me soon kay? :D