Friday, June 24, 2011

Looking for a Silver Lining.

This will be my last days working for my current company. The main branch is closing our Manila branch and moving on to making mobile apps which they think would be more income-generating. Hence, the people in the Manila branch are now contemplating what to do next.

Lucky for most, they'll be retained, unfortunately, I was one of the few who was let go. The reason they had for me was my Health. I was actually expecting this, even when I was trying to get back to work. They seemed genuinely concerned how I'll prolly be stressed with the new work environment, bosses and the like. They also told me that I needed more time to recuperate fully since they say the med reports and that I was too young to be in this condition. They told me that it wasn't a performance issue, I was doing my job well. It was that they were worried I might not get the support I needed in thew office/company which was a bit true. In the current office/company, the admin and my colleagues are here to give me support whenever I need it plus during my shift [graveyard/night shift], I could rest and sleep when needed without disturbing anyone else since there are only a few of us at the time but hat might not be the case when we move.

They had their valid reasons, they prolly think I'm a liability. But I won't take it personally, business is business.

Moving on, the news was a sigh of relief for my Mum and Granmum who has been praying that I'd be given time to recuperate and rest more. O'd be going back home to Pampanga to my Mum where it'll be an easier place to recover since my Doctor and Cardio are both from there.

With regards to work well, a friend of mine offered me to come join their business since I wasn't ever really "out of the loop". I'll prolly take him up on that offer. But for now i'm just trying to finish the last few days.

It's a big thing for me since I wanted to finish my 2nd year in that company and i've been comfortable the last few months working there. The work has been ok and the people has been the best people i've worked with so far so it's a hard pill to swallow when I think of not being with those people I call my friends anymore. Also, the fact that i'll be more far away from my girlfriend isn't helping the transition. :[ She would love me to get well and be 100% recovered but for that to happen, I have to be a few more hours away from her. :[

I always, always try and look for the silver lining but being the pessimist that I am, it's a bit hard to see/do. Hopefully, with all the unfortunate things that has happened to me, that there are somethings in store for me that will make life better.

Adventure...rained out...
- the alansong -

Saturday, June 11, 2011


It's been almost a week now since I returned to work. I was a bit nervous as I started walking to the office. Prior to being hospitalized, that routine walk to the office building from the bus stop made me lose breath and was really taking its toll. At times, I kept stopping for a bit to try and get some air. I hadn't had that trouble before but since I got sick and all, walking that stretch was a hard thing to do.

So naturally, I was nervous as the bus was nearing the stop.

Facing the overpass, I took a deep breath and moved my feet forward. When I reached the top, I stopped a bit to see if I'm out of breath or any signs of the old symptoms. Thankfully, there was nothing so I continued on till I reached the office.

Upon reaching the office, I was greeted by my friends and colleagues and of course I told them what happened and such. I also took time to check again if there's something amiss but still there wasn't anything wrong and I wasn't feeling anything wrong as well.

During my time off from work, alot has happened and a few people were gone. Unfortunately, I did not make it in time to see them off but we still communicate thru Facebook. I didn't really have a lot to catch up to in terms of work. There was no big update or anything. It feels like I never left or at least, has been gone only a week.  But with the departure of one whole team of people, the shift I'm in started to become boring.

Healthwise, everything was going well. I'm trying so hard to follow my diet [LOL], I'm also following my H2O restriction and have been also keeping up with my daily medication. Any symptom or trace of my sickness seems to be gone. But i'm still nervous and wary everytime I sense thati feel that  i'm out of breath.

Hopefully, everything will be back to normalcy and regularity soon. It's a bit hard trying to keep track of everything you eat and do.

Adventuring ....with care.
- the alansong -

A Fun Weekend.

From our First Anniversary on June 1 till thru the weekend, my girlfriend stayed over. She's been over in Pampanga a few times before and she's met my family. I'm glad that not only me Mum likes her but also all of my siblings as well.

I already gave her my Anniversary gift weeks before since the gift I brought her was a bit rare. She told me that she's having problems finding a gift for me since she said that she wasn't that good with surprises. I told her that anything would be ok. Days before our anniversary, she told me that she has found the perfect surprise for me. I was really curious on what it was and preceded to guess the item. She gave a few clues to what it was until finally, I guessed right.

It was Little Endless: Delirium's Party. I actually really felt bad when I guessed it right because I knew she really wanted to surprise me but I told her that she already has. I never thought I'd own an actual copy of this book. I've only read an Ebook of the first one, actually, I didn't even know that there was a second book. Nevertheless, I was surprised and very happy that she managed to find tthis and taht she gave it to me as a gift.

The next few days was spent lounging around, spending time with each other and also with my gf spending time with my younger siblings. They played with the Wii, DS', in the swimming pool and also read a few books. I love how my gf and youngest sister Angel [who's 8] got along well. My youngest sister doesn't have playmates at all since most of them moved to other subdivisions, so she's a bit lonely and a bit craving for someone to play with who's also a girl.

Here's the two of them enjoying themselves in the pool.

Unfortunately, when you're having fun...time tends to go by alot faster. On the last day [a Sunday], we all went over to Manila to drop me and my gf off [I was ready to go back to work...more on that later] and to also celebrate in advance the birthday of em Granmum. We visited SM: MoA and initially walked around and browsed the mall with everyone. After awhile, we separated siblings went to the bowling alley to play on the PS3, my Granmum did some Bingo, my Mum shopped around while me and my gf just strolled along. It was a bit tiring since MoA was so huge so we made our way to the bowling alley to just hang-out with my brothers and sisters.

My youngest sister actually took this shot; we were playing Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 on the PS3.

Oh, and my gf actually fulfilled her craving for Krispy Kreme donuts. We also got some hats [as pictured above] for the both of us and the kids too. A few hours later, we had a nice dinner at a great resto who specialized in Filipino food. It was a big dinner but due to my recent condition, I didn't really eat much. Tired but happy, we all went back home to my Granmum's house to get a few things. I actually tried to have my gf stay over since it was already dark but she still insisted on going home. A few goodbyes and sermons from my Mom later, they've gone and went back home to Pampanga. A short while later, I dropped off my gf at the bus stop. As I went back home and fixed my medications and took a rest, I thought on how the past five days were significant to me and my girlfriend. We had enough to talk and pour out our feelings and we made a few big strides in the relationship. Both of us like the way were our relationship is going.

I cannot wait for the next 5day weekend/stay of my girlfriend in Pampanga, she can't wait either. Hopefully, it'll be soon.

Quite an Adventure!
- the alansong -

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Year...

The picture above is Me and my Girlfriend, Meki and was taken from a trip we had along with her family at Tagaytay last year.

Today, I am happy to announce that we have been together for a year now. It has been sort of a rollercoaster ride for the both of us but we're still here and happily together nonetheless.

I first met her at a forum where most men wouldn't want to be in, a Lolita forum. But I was there mostly because of my friendship with everyone that was in that forum. Though we haven't really seen each other before [except for me, stalking looking for her surprisingly finding her Facebook account] nor even conversed in chat or thru forum replies, I must admit I was curious about her.

Although there have been a few meets of the Lolita group, she didn't attend them. So I finally got the chance to meet her in person during a cosplay convention. She was consigning/consigned[?] with a friend, selling chocolates and pastries [yes, they were delicious!]. I "managed" to somehow get a hold of her number and from then on started texting her.

Nothing much at first but as time went on, we added each other up on Facebook and started chatting there. Mostly, I sort of coerced her to also chat with me on YM even though she said that her laptop was a bit slow but she did so anyway.

During that time, I was already working the graveyard shift and my days off were Monday and Tuesday. She on the other hand was still trying to find something good for her, so she was mostly free everyday. With that I kinda joked around with the idea of the two of us hanging out at my place which in turn, turned real. We set it up [she also had this piece of paper with questions for me that I said I will answer honestly] and within a few days, she was there at my doorstep/gate.

I honestly didn't think that she would accept my invite of her coming over but I was thankful enough that she did....and that she visited me in the following days as well.

Amidst watching Chowder episodes and long talks, I grew more fondly of this girl. So when I did gather up the courage to ask her the question, I was still not sure what was going to be her answer. But when she did answer, it changed both of our lives forever.

Even though this really wasn't the whole story of how we met and got together, the main thing here is that we did.

Most of my close friends know that the longest relationship I've ever been in was no longer than 6 months. I was single for two years [and a few months] before meeting Meki, so it was a real drought for me at the time but I never lost hope. Now that I've spent a year with someone who loves me for all of my imperfections, it's a nice change and a great experience. My mom would joke that Meki is the only girl who would have the patience enough to deal with someone like me. There are times that I think she's right.

We're not a perfect couple, we're not striving to be one. We're glad enough to just spend time with each other doing nothing but staring at people, walls, the TV. We're just happy enough to deal with our own problems and solve them amongst ourselves. Although it may not look like it or feel like it or heard by people, but I love her very much. I do not need to show other people how I love her. I only need to show her how I love her  cuz that's the only thing that matters and that the same prolly goes for her as well. We're happy just being together.

We did have a few bumps, bruises [not literally!] and problems during our 1st [of alot] year but that's normal. Even married people fight, it's just that working things out and solving what's wrong is different for everyone. I'm glad that throughout everything she and I worked it out well.

For my dear Num nums;

One year of being with you has been the best year I've had so far. I know it's cliche but it's the truth. I'm sorry for whatever misgivings I have caused, the teasing and such as well as all the times you were forced to go with me during my toy hunts. Especially on my toy hunts as I know you got tired and stressed from all that walking around. I promise that I will make it up to you and i'm thankful that even if you did grow tired and weary, you were still there for me.

With that, I am also thankful for all of the times you've been there for me. Unfortunately, as you know, this past year wasn't my healthiest but you were there to take care of me and be by my side. I am thankful that you've allowed me to be me and that the only thing you wanted to change from me is my shirt when I got sweaty.

I love you for alot of reasons but mostly, it's because of you accepting me and loving me for who I am. Never wanting me to change into something I am not, even supporting me in things you prolly couldn't understand at first. I love you because you loved me and all of my imperfections, you made me feel comfortable and at ease during my worst..when most people would just shun me away. Still, I love you more than that. I love how your eyes sparkle when you see something you like. I love how you giggle like a little girl when you're excited. I also love your sarcastic looks and puffy cheeks. I love your hugs. I love saying "Good Morning" to you as you lay beside me. I love how you try to think Coco Martin is trying to woo you [just kidding! x3]

But with all of that, I do hope that you won't grow tired of me and my idiosyncrasies [there are alot!] because I know we will be spending ALOT more time with each other. :]

Happy One Year Anniversary Num nums!~
I love you so much <3
The/Our Adventure is just beginning..
- The Alansong -