Saturday, June 11, 2011


It's been almost a week now since I returned to work. I was a bit nervous as I started walking to the office. Prior to being hospitalized, that routine walk to the office building from the bus stop made me lose breath and was really taking its toll. At times, I kept stopping for a bit to try and get some air. I hadn't had that trouble before but since I got sick and all, walking that stretch was a hard thing to do.

So naturally, I was nervous as the bus was nearing the stop.

Facing the overpass, I took a deep breath and moved my feet forward. When I reached the top, I stopped a bit to see if I'm out of breath or any signs of the old symptoms. Thankfully, there was nothing so I continued on till I reached the office.

Upon reaching the office, I was greeted by my friends and colleagues and of course I told them what happened and such. I also took time to check again if there's something amiss but still there wasn't anything wrong and I wasn't feeling anything wrong as well.

During my time off from work, alot has happened and a few people were gone. Unfortunately, I did not make it in time to see them off but we still communicate thru Facebook. I didn't really have a lot to catch up to in terms of work. There was no big update or anything. It feels like I never left or at least, has been gone only a week.  But with the departure of one whole team of people, the shift I'm in started to become boring.

Healthwise, everything was going well. I'm trying so hard to follow my diet [LOL], I'm also following my H2O restriction and have been also keeping up with my daily medication. Any symptom or trace of my sickness seems to be gone. But i'm still nervous and wary everytime I sense thati feel that  i'm out of breath.

Hopefully, everything will be back to normalcy and regularity soon. It's a bit hard trying to keep track of everything you eat and do.

Adventuring ....with care.
- the alansong -


  1. godspeed dood... Just keep at what the doctor told you and you'll be running around like the derpy guy that you use to be in no time XDDD

  2. thanks! it'll be a long road ahead though..

    nevertheless derping around is such fun, cant wait ! hahahaha