Friday, June 24, 2011

Looking for a Silver Lining.

This will be my last days working for my current company. The main branch is closing our Manila branch and moving on to making mobile apps which they think would be more income-generating. Hence, the people in the Manila branch are now contemplating what to do next.

Lucky for most, they'll be retained, unfortunately, I was one of the few who was let go. The reason they had for me was my Health. I was actually expecting this, even when I was trying to get back to work. They seemed genuinely concerned how I'll prolly be stressed with the new work environment, bosses and the like. They also told me that I needed more time to recuperate fully since they say the med reports and that I was too young to be in this condition. They told me that it wasn't a performance issue, I was doing my job well. It was that they were worried I might not get the support I needed in thew office/company which was a bit true. In the current office/company, the admin and my colleagues are here to give me support whenever I need it plus during my shift [graveyard/night shift], I could rest and sleep when needed without disturbing anyone else since there are only a few of us at the time but hat might not be the case when we move.

They had their valid reasons, they prolly think I'm a liability. But I won't take it personally, business is business.

Moving on, the news was a sigh of relief for my Mum and Granmum who has been praying that I'd be given time to recuperate and rest more. O'd be going back home to Pampanga to my Mum where it'll be an easier place to recover since my Doctor and Cardio are both from there.

With regards to work well, a friend of mine offered me to come join their business since I wasn't ever really "out of the loop". I'll prolly take him up on that offer. But for now i'm just trying to finish the last few days.

It's a big thing for me since I wanted to finish my 2nd year in that company and i've been comfortable the last few months working there. The work has been ok and the people has been the best people i've worked with so far so it's a hard pill to swallow when I think of not being with those people I call my friends anymore. Also, the fact that i'll be more far away from my girlfriend isn't helping the transition. :[ She would love me to get well and be 100% recovered but for that to happen, I have to be a few more hours away from her. :[

I always, always try and look for the silver lining but being the pessimist that I am, it's a bit hard to see/do. Hopefully, with all the unfortunate things that has happened to me, that there are somethings in store for me that will make life better.

Adventure...rained out...
- the alansong -

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  1. I am very sorry when I first heard the news, actually even though I knew it the hard part is I am not allowed to say anything. Hard to be happy around you knowing that a bad news will surely come. I tried to reason out, so you could still join us but I don't have the power to do so. All I want is a "Good" bye and hope to see you again. We'll surely miss those ninja moves and snores when we're at work. You're a good man and a good friend. They just saved you from the sinking boat and we're still at it right now. You got a great deal of talent man but as of now you need to have some rest. We'll wait for that day that all of us will shout for the next horror game that we'll be playing together. /justify