Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Fun Weekend.

From our First Anniversary on June 1 till thru the weekend, my girlfriend stayed over. She's been over in Pampanga a few times before and she's met my family. I'm glad that not only me Mum likes her but also all of my siblings as well.

I already gave her my Anniversary gift weeks before since the gift I brought her was a bit rare. She told me that she's having problems finding a gift for me since she said that she wasn't that good with surprises. I told her that anything would be ok. Days before our anniversary, she told me that she has found the perfect surprise for me. I was really curious on what it was and preceded to guess the item. She gave a few clues to what it was until finally, I guessed right.

It was Little Endless: Delirium's Party. I actually really felt bad when I guessed it right because I knew she really wanted to surprise me but I told her that she already has. I never thought I'd own an actual copy of this book. I've only read an Ebook of the first one, actually, I didn't even know that there was a second book. Nevertheless, I was surprised and very happy that she managed to find tthis and taht she gave it to me as a gift.

The next few days was spent lounging around, spending time with each other and also with my gf spending time with my younger siblings. They played with the Wii, DS', in the swimming pool and also read a few books. I love how my gf and youngest sister Angel [who's 8] got along well. My youngest sister doesn't have playmates at all since most of them moved to other subdivisions, so she's a bit lonely and a bit craving for someone to play with who's also a girl.

Here's the two of them enjoying themselves in the pool.

Unfortunately, when you're having fun...time tends to go by alot faster. On the last day [a Sunday], we all went over to Manila to drop me and my gf off [I was ready to go back to work...more on that later] and to also celebrate in advance the birthday of em Granmum. We visited SM: MoA and initially walked around and browsed the mall with everyone. After awhile, we separated siblings went to the bowling alley to play on the PS3, my Granmum did some Bingo, my Mum shopped around while me and my gf just strolled along. It was a bit tiring since MoA was so huge so we made our way to the bowling alley to just hang-out with my brothers and sisters.

My youngest sister actually took this shot; we were playing Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 on the PS3.

Oh, and my gf actually fulfilled her craving for Krispy Kreme donuts. We also got some hats [as pictured above] for the both of us and the kids too. A few hours later, we had a nice dinner at a great resto who specialized in Filipino food. It was a big dinner but due to my recent condition, I didn't really eat much. Tired but happy, we all went back home to my Granmum's house to get a few things. I actually tried to have my gf stay over since it was already dark but she still insisted on going home. A few goodbyes and sermons from my Mom later, they've gone and went back home to Pampanga. A short while later, I dropped off my gf at the bus stop. As I went back home and fixed my medications and took a rest, I thought on how the past five days were significant to me and my girlfriend. We had enough to talk and pour out our feelings and we made a few big strides in the relationship. Both of us like the way were our relationship is going.

I cannot wait for the next 5day weekend/stay of my girlfriend in Pampanga, she can't wait either. Hopefully, it'll be soon.

Quite an Adventure!
- the alansong -

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