Friday, October 28, 2011

Let's Omnomnom!: Grilled Pork Tenders from Jollibee!

Pic from Jollibee site, credits to them. Couldn't find any actual picture ad of the product on the 'net.

A few weeks ago, while me and my num nums were on the way to Makati, we saw a billboard an from Jollibee promoting their new addition to their menu which was dubbed "Grilled Pork Tenders".

Seeing the promo ad/billboard made me want to try it out. Good thing my num nums pointed out that there was a Jollibee nearby her workplace [hence why we were going to Makati]. Judging from the picture, it looks like a semblance of pan-grilled porkchops. I thought that at last, some big meat in the Jollibee menu. And an affordable one at that since it's Jollibee. 

But seeing how pictures from ads are ALOT different from the actual product, I didn't really hope for the best. And after getting to Jollibee and finally getting the Grilled Pork Tenders infront of me...I was right.

i dunno..does this look like its grilled to you?

It didn't look anywhere near "grilled" or even anywhere near what it's supposed to look like. Then again, I already knew that was expecting it somewhat. 

A closer look.

Basically, it just looks like pork BBQ removed from the stick. I don't exactly know how or what a "Tender" actually looks like but I think this fits the bill. 

Sure they didn't get the "grilled" look down, but what about the taste you ask? Imagine Pork chunks/bits marinated in Jollibee's "BBQ Chicken" sauce. That's it. That's how they taste like. So whether or not you like Jollibee's BBQ Chicken might come in as a factor when you're eating this. But the meat is soft and juicy and the meal is accompanied with calamansi and soy sauce. It doesn't add much but it helps.

I also tried this meal out in two other branches just to see if there's a difference but it's just the same. All in all, it's a nice meal to try out the first time but after that, it's not really much of anything else.

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