Monday, September 12, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger = Red Skull

Hullo guys!

This will be my first [hopefully not last :D] figure review and it will be Red Skull from the Captain America Movie toyline. I've had him in "storage" and have just opened and played around with him a few hours ago :D

Red Skull is Captain America's most fearsome enemy. There are actually three people who had been named "Red Skull" but the most renowned is Johannes Schmidt [long time enemy of Cap].

Red Skull is shown wearing a green uniform unlike the black one he wore in the movie [he wears the black version in the new Cap and Red Skull 2 pack]. He is bundled with a Luger, a blue Cosmic Cube and [whoop-dee-doo] a rocket firing big gun.

Unfortunately, as seen in the pic above...they didn't include a holster for his Luger :[ The rocket firing gun look's a bit weird and it's handles are very rubbery, I didn't even bother trying to let the figure hold it :/

Red Skull's right hand is a bit constricted but you can still fit in his Luger and some guns from the Joeverse.

The Red Skull's left hand is open enough to hold the Cosmic Cube....but not enough to hold it in place. If it's held other than the position above, it'll definitely fall from his hand.

Red Skull with both the Luger and Cosmic Cube.

The details on this figure is great. The face details are notably just like Hugo Weaving's. Articulation is pretty much decent. My only beef is that he doesn't have swivel/hinge ankles and he doesn't have a chest pivot unlike the rest of the Cap Am figs. Also the lower part of his uniform pretty much nulls any movement of his legs. What's the point of giving him thigh cuts if he cant move his legs up and down? :/

His scale is a bit off as well. He's pretty much on par with his fellow figures from the Cap toyline and seems the same height as MU Bucky. However, he falls short standing beside SDCC Captain America [well, that fig is actually a bit tall anyways LOL]. the same goes when he's side-by-side with MU Dr. Doom [2pack version] and Mail-away Cobra Commander.

But still, that doesn't take away the fact that other than the Red Skull from the MU Invader's Set and the new 2 pack, this is a great figure. This is even better than the variant version [what's the deal with the white gloves anyway?]. The articulation may be lacking but you can still pose him a couple number of ways. Also, he can be wonderfully modded to make this fig even better. It's a bit rare to find him on the pegs these days but he's a great addition to your Joeverse and MU collection.

And now....for a bit of FUN  :D

Simple headswap but Red Skull's head is too big for CC's ball joint. So it's a bit of a loose fit. 

Presenting....the Villains United Lady Gaga fanclub members! Monsters, put your claws up!

The ever present "I'll look menacingly at my left hand" pose for villains everywhere!

Marvel Comics presents: WHAT IF...Red Skull became Captain America?! [which actually did kinda happen during the last parts of Captrain America REBORN Arc]

That's all guys! Thank you for reading up on my first figure review. Hope you liked it. :D

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