Monday, July 25, 2011

Game Reset...

A few weeks ago, I was enjoying time with my officemates/my friends and my health was relatively getting better. I was getting the inkling that despite it all, everything was getting back to normal. How wrong I was.

Last two weekends ago, we held the last party that our office will ever have. The main office closed down our branch and most of us went our separate ways. The party itself looked liked nothing was wrong...or things weren't changing. But at the end[or beginning] of the day, we all knew that this was it.

Last week was my first week of being unemployed again. I kind of thought that the last job I had was going to last a bit longer [I wanted to at least finish two years there before moving in] but life, as unfair and cruel as it is, had other plans. I miss my friends at the old office, they made life fun there. They made the work and the a-holes at work bearable. I'm thankful that even for a little while, I got to know them.

Granted, I needed the time to rest and recuperate but I can't just lie idly by. How can I save for the future if i'm not doing anything?

The last week, I tried to gather all the things I need and require for applying for a job. Getting an NBI Clearance was hell and unforgettable 12hour experience. At least I got what I came there for [albeit I'll be able to truly get it by the 30th]. The next step was finding a job. A friend of mine suggested applying to where he works, hopefully when I do apply there would still be openings. Another suggested applying to a company near where most of my former workmates are now. At least I have option 1 and 2.

I still get the nerves whenever I apply for anything. Some find it easy but I never get that feeling until the whole process is all over.

I must admit that the change really scares me a bit. I find it a bit hard to shift from a place you're familiar and comfortable with, doing the routine things to somewhere where you need to start over. It makes it hard to let go but change is inevitable. Sooner or later change will happen and anything we find familiar and/or comfortable will be gone. The daunting task of meeting new people, working with them, having to study new processes, being around a new's like being in school again. But when I first came to where I worked before, I also had the same scared feeling. It took a few weeks before I felt comfortable enough to let loose and really have fun. Hopefully, it'll be the same again this time around.

Looking for a new adventure...
- the alansong -

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