Thursday, November 17, 2011

A lapse of Judgement..

Why the title? Well, I experienced just that a few days ago....when I lost my brand new cellphone.

It seemed like a regular trek going home from werk [working a 12hour, 9am-9pm shift]. I was listening to music from my new phone and was on the way to ride the MRT with a friend/officemate [we both were heading the same way home].  The first red light actually came before me via the volume of people in line going to ride the MRt but I still opted to ride anyways. The 2nd was that me and my fiend usually got on the 1st train that comes in but this was not the case tonight. The 3rd was an unnerving feeling I had. I cannot explain why, but it felt like something was telling me not to push through riding the MRT.

But I shrugged it off.

The 4th train came and I was able to get in...but the music blasting in my headset stopped. I just thought that with the people, it must've caught someone going off and got ripped off the phone so I didn't pay attention.

How wrong I was.

When me and my friend was able to move further in the train, I felt for my phone and it was gone. The color of my face drained, I was wrapped in cold sweat and I felt my strength was sucked away. I then said out loud that my phone was gone and looked at the floor and the immediate surrounding...nothing.

Try as my friend might, she couldn't really console me. All that I kept saying after that was "fucking stupid" over and over again. Thoughts raced through my head, "What will my granmum say?" "fucking stupid" "I knew I should've taken the bus" "This is one of the reasons why I hate the morning shift"..

I went home as fats as I could and told my granmum about it. I kind of woke her up but i did have to tell her. I wanted to apologize to her because of what happened. Why? She helped me buy that cellphone [which we had a deal that I will pay her monthly]. And losing it felt that I lost her trust in me and showed that I was careless with the thing she gave me. I really felt guilty.


This was the real first cellphone that was bought for me. Something that was brand new and wasn't a hand me down. Most of the previous phones I had was from my older brother. I'm not one to complain but it would've been nice to get a new phone. And now that I was able to get one, I lost it to a darn pickpocket.

You see, I haven't had any incident like this...ever. Even from previous jobs where I went home late. The only time I only got robbed was when I got mugged during highschool and a knife was placed upon my neck. After that incident,  I was now often wary of bag-slicers and snatchers on buses and people on the street. I was careful, I didn't want to make people worry. I even have an army knife tucked in my back pocket to ward of a mugger. But I couldn't stop a pickpocket.

Funny and tragic thing is, my girlfriend lost her phone a few weeks ago. It slipped from her pocket and was never to be seen again. I guess that's prolly one more thing we have in common. Anyhoo, I'm trying hard to see the silver lining in what happened. That it was better they got the phone and not my wallet as ALOT of things are currently in my wallet that's more important than a phone. That it was better than getting hurt in a mugging. I also thought that it was a little bit of divine intervention of sorts. That my phone getting stolen was some sort of sacrifice in order for my older bro to have a safe trip while he's in China and also safety for my younger sister who works as a nurse in Singapore. if that was the case, then i'd gladly sacrifice my phone for both of their safety. I'd rather have two great albeit irritable at times siblings rather than just have a phone.

...besides, I can get a new one but that's prolly going to take awhile.

I actually have thought about selling a few my toys to get funds for a new phone. But I'm still on the fence on that one as I think the ones i'll be selling off won't be enough.

Anyhoo, yesterday I didn't [prolly wont] go home via MRT. I went home via bus, it's slower and it's going to add to my daily travel expenses but I feel that it's a bit least for me.

That lapse of judgement that night will be of those things that will haunt me. I pray that it won't happen to any of my family and friends.

Precious cargo has been lost..but the adventure continues...
~ The Alansong ~

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