Thursday, May 2, 2013

Let's Talk Music!: Fall Out Boy - Save Rock and Roll

The title of their album seems apt enough.

But to be honest, I really didn't know what happened to Fall Out Boy. I didn't even know they sort of had this hiatus going on. The last thing I heard from them was "Folie a Deux" and then nothing.

But I was equally happy and surprised when I saw that they were going to release new stuff. It kinda spread like wildfire all over the web..well, mostly on Tumblr.

They released the first single [along with its video], "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark [Light 'Em Up] and from there I was hooked. I didn't count how many times I've raped...*cough* click the Replay button but it was that damn good and catchy too.

...and then the day came and the album was out...

I really couldn't stop listening it to it.

The whole thing starts with a strong song with a very apt title [The Phoenix] and then eases in a bit with the first single [MSKWYDITD..yea, I abbreviated it LOL] and then from there branches into more songs that are new but also are somewhat expected from FOB. Awesome guitar riffs and catchy lyrics, it's more than enough to make your head bob along.

The album has 11 new songs and awesome collabs namely  Courtney Love [of Hole] and Elton John. The whole album makes you feel like FOB never left  the scene and makes you fall inlove with them again. The songs [for me at least] are refreshing and are very upbeat. They will definitely put you in a good mood while going through your daily routine.

I like every song on this album but my fave faves are The Phoenix, MSKWYDITD, Alone Together, Rat a Tat and Save Rock and Roll.

The Phoenix is prolly one of the best first songs of any album I've heard in a while. It starts out very ominous and heavy then picks up a bit into the chorus. It definitely will get you pumped and excited to hear more of the album.

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark [Light 'Em Up] is the first single to come out from the album and immediately follows after The Phoenix. So from the initial song you are immediately thrown into something more familiar but very, very catchy. From the start to the end, it's either you'll clap or sing along. The next fave faves is also the 3rd song of the album and comes after MSKWYDITD. 

Alone Together's title seems pretty weird. I mean, how can you be alone but together? Then you hear lyrics and listen to the song and then you'll understand. 

Rat a Tat and Save Rock and Roll are the last two songs and are also collabs with other artists. Rat a Tat is a collab with Courtney Love and brings her alternative style into the song. The song goes fast and hard on Courtney's parts and then it sort of levels out on Patrick's turn.Save Rock and Roll is a collab with THE Elton John and is also the last song in the album which I think is very fitting. The song is one of FOB's slower songs and melodic.Elton John is pretty much Elton John and  provides a more "regal" tone to the song.

The only negative I can prolly say about the album is that it feels short even though the whole thing runs around 41 minutes. I mean, even the cover art looks so bad-ass! But I must say that it kept me wanting more and with this I do hope future albums would be as much awesome. Also whether or not Fall out Boy did "Save Rock and Roll" this time around, it's pretty certain they did a good job making rock and roll hang around.

Whether or not you're a fan, this is definitely a good add to your music library.

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