Saturday, July 16, 2016

A real update...I guess.

I guess its high time for an actual post of updates of the blogger, yours truly.

This blog has been more of an emotional outlet for the past few years. I tried to do a separate blog for those kinds of things/posts but I still remained here.

Anyways, things have been messy but okay (if there ever is such a thing). Im kinda thankful that I still have whatever semblance of good health thats left in me. I must admit that I had certain lapses, forgetting to drink my medicine at times. My forgetfulness is getting worse I guess. How? I forgot the keys in the car once and it was downright embarrassing.

I have been keeping busy. As busy as I can, helping out at my friends' hobby shop. It has been a great pleasure and stressful thing. I say stressful in a good way. I mean every kind of business has its own ups and downs. But its par of the course.

My younger sister has given birth to a cute bundle of joy named Ethan Archer. Its a unique name, I know. Just seeing him makes me smile and be happy. This is one nephew thats going to be spoiled rotten by his uncle. Well, hopefully soon. Once things get okay on the earning end.

I wont say it out loud but I'm a bit jealous of my friends that have girlfriends. It would be nice to feel that kind of love again. But I have already accepted the fact that i'll grow old alone. Well, not alone...maybe a few dogs. If it comes then it comes. If not, then thats just how it is.

For now, Im ok with "just existing" because thats what it feels. That Im just here. Nothing really special. Just here...around. Thats how it is.

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