Friday, March 2, 2012

A Very Late Valentines Day Entry..

Usually, when Valentines Day comes around, I was single as a solitary pencil in your pencil case [do kids even use those anymore? hahahah]. During college, I used to give a rose to my female friends and granmum...aaaand possibly a few to whoever my crush was or the girl I was courting at the time.

This was my first time celebrating Valentines with someone and moreso with a little messy girl that has a messy kitchen.

Unfortunately, with the both of us working, we couldn't really spend it together. We did spend the weekend before Valentines together and made it our somewhat "unofficial" Valentines date" but that didn't stop me from going out of my way to surprise her on the 14th.

The whole plan was to drop by her office after I get off from work and surprise her with Valentines gifts. It seemed like a good enough plan. I sent her a message through gmail chat on what chocolates she'd want to eat forever. She replied without ever getting a hint that she told me what she will be getting. Pretty cheap and underhanded I'm sure but just so she doesn't think that she'll be wary of my surprise.

The 2nd part of my surprise was the most hardest to get as almost everyone is buying them and their prices skyrocketed. Ut was hard enough to get roses but Yellow [her fave color] ones proved to be the hardest. During my lunch break, I scouted Robinson's Pioneer for that flower stall they had opened a few days ago. Why Rob Pioneer? I work nearby :D.

Anyhoo, the flower place was right there where it was and unsurprisingly, their prices were jacked up high. I checked their wares and planned to return and buy the flowers after work as they would prolly wilt if I bought them then and there and brought them to the office.

The whole plan almost blew up in my face as I got back to that stall after work. I never really imagined that there would be a whole shitload of guys swarming the whole stall.

I tried to find the flowers I picked out a few hours earlier but they were gone. There wasn't anything left in yellow and the others seemed dull. With that, I walked away and just got her the chocolates and went on my way. I was then regretting not buying earlier but then again wondered that if I did, would they have looked as fresh as they were a few hours ago. I just told myself to give her a 2nd surprise a few days after as the whole thing felt empty without a rose.

I was actually a bit late getting to her office. Their dinner break was already over and I was wondering if she'd be able to go down and meet me at the Starbucks Cafe where we regularly meet/go to at the 3rd floor. All my worrying was put aside when I saw a stall selling flowers a few steps after I walked inside their building. Naturally, the good ones have been gone and there weren't any nice yellow ones either. I just picked the biggest and [for me] last great looking rose and had it wrapped. While all that was happening, the girl with the messy kitchen was already waiting for me at Starbucks.

Hurriedly, I went up the escalators-turned-stairs [they were turned off] and trued to wipe off my sweat and compose my self as I was looking for her in Starbucks. It turns out that she was the one surprising me as she came at me from behind.

I gave her her gifts and told her all the mushy stuff someone like me could muster. She seemed very much delighted and happy and that all the effort was worth it. 

The day turned out a success..and both parties were particularly happy. I'm glad I was able to pull this off.

Valentines Adventure..complete!
- the alansong -

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