Thursday, March 8, 2012

The 28th Birthday~

When you get a little older, your birthdays will be a little less extravagant. But I guess that depends on if you have work on your birthday or not or whether you have friends and family who had time to prepare a party for you.

This year, I turned 28 and I still feel like I really don’t act like someone my age. And like previous years, I didn’t have much of a birthday celebration. However, this was my first birthday with my girlfriend so it still was a bit special.

Beef Misono, Shrimp Tempura with Fried[?] Veggies and [Possibbly] Butered Veggies

I had work the day of my birthday so I celebrated with my granmum a few days earlier. We went out to buy ingredients for her spaghetti. Afterwards, we ate at Tokyo, Tokyo. Why would this be something to be blogged about you ask? Well, this is the first time I was able to convince my granmum to eat at a Japanese restaurant…even if we really didn’t order something that was purely Japanese. Anyhoo, she enjoyed eating there so I guess this won’t be our last time to eat there. When we got home she prepared and cooked her spaghetti that really tasted good. It’s her own recipe and she’s been cooking it for me and my siblings on every birthday we had since birth.

The day before my birthday, I stayed over at my girlfriend’s house. I promised her that I’ll be staying and sleeping over since I can’t be with her on my birthday. As soon as I got there, we went out to buy ingredients for spaghetti. My girlfriend says that her mom has a delicious recipe. I can’t turn down good food.
So we bought 2 Kilos worth of pasta and it was more than enough for me, my girlfriend and her family. My girlfriend attempted to make me a cake but it somehow didn’t go as what she planned. But the end result was still edible and very delicious. Another added bonus was that my girlfriend’s mom cooked beef caldereta for lunch. Caldereta is one of my favorite foods ever, so having it on my birthday was really awesome.

Before the day ended, my girlfriend had a few of her old friends come over and we had a few drinks. I guess that’s a great way to greet my birthday. I had great food, good company…what more could I ask?
I got enough sleep that night and was awake even before my alarm rang. Surprisingly, I haven’t received a single text message of birthday greetings. It’s a bit understandable since I don’t really text other people much unlike before. I was a bit disappointed that my bestfriend didn’t send me a text. Usually, it was her text’s that I first receive during my past birthdays. I guess time just caught up with us, oh well.

My girlfriend woke up very early as well to greet me and to make me breakfast. She also fixed and packed spaghetti and caldereta for my lunch. I must say that it was very sweet of her to do so since she doesn't really wake up that early let alone do something like cooking and fixing food. It really started my birthday off very well.

When I got to work, there weren't that much people who I really got to know who knew about my birthday. Mostly, when people find out that it's your birthday, all they want is for you to treat them to something. Anyhoo, it was just another normal work day for me except for that fact that I had oodles of food. In addition to the spag and caldereta, I received a free Bday Blowout Pizza from Shakey's! So me and my shift buddy, Pete, both had satisfied stomachs that day. 

the free Bday pizza, spag and Caldereta

The ret of the day went on as normal. My celphone still stayed quiet but I didn't mind. I haven't really got around to check my Facebook account since I can't access it at work but I feel that at least people have greeted me there. By the time I got home, and after another round of my granmum's delicious spaghetti, I got on and was surprised to see the people who went out their way to greet me.

 I replied and liked each and every greeting and thanked each and every one as well. It turned out to be a very ok birthday. At least I was able to celebrate it with people I love. At least I was still able to celebrate it. 

OH! I almost forgot. What's a birthday without gifts? Unfortunately, I didn't get much. I just treated myself to a new pair of pants, granmum got me two new shirts and my girlfriend "got me" me a very cool perfume. I always wanted to try out wearing a nice perfume.

this smells so good!

To a new adventure o/
- the alansong-

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