Saturday, November 22, 2014


It was prolly the happiest I've been in a very long time.

..not discounting the fun times I've had with my friends of course. I've always had a lot of happy times with them. But's a bit different with Family.

One reason why is because my family hasn't had a gathering like this in a very long time as well. Mom and her 10 siblings were all complete once again (plus a few of their spouses and some cousins) in one roof and it was pretty awesome.

All in all, we numbered around 30 people. We went from Guagua (ancestral home) to Baguio and then to Vigan. It was pretty much a very awesome trip.

Being able to reconnect with my aunt's, uncle's and cousins was cool. I did get asked a few questions I knew most of them will ask. I gave them a general answer and I get the usual response, most of which I heard  before. But it still felt reassuring as it now comes from family.

I was also given tons of advice..on everything. I just wish I had the confidence and strength my relatives have. Most of them have their own story to tell and share  with regards to their own experiences and hardships and that all of them had a lesson or two to impart with me. Be it either  in life, love or health.

Speaking of health....the diet sort of ..kinda went out the window once the relatives started arriving. All of them had chocolates to give and till now we have a fridge full of chocolates. Add to that the many times we went out and had a big meal in malls. Then there was that big food fest for the cousins in Guagua and then the whirlwind food encounters in Baguio and Vigan.

Sure there was a ton of food (mostly while in Vigan), I did try my best to avoid anything that could set back my health. Key word: Try LOL. Funny thing was, my Mom was on my case with eating fatty food but then again she didn't follow her own advice and she spent a few hours lying on the bed with prolly high BP, trying to sleep it off. Me? I know what my body can and cannot take. I had no High BP issues whatsoever despite my intake. So there :p


It's been almost two weeks since the trip and it has been more than a week since they all flew back to the US of A (and my sister back to SG). Life now has started to slow down to a crawl again and the house is as silent as it is almost empty. It's sad and depressing really but that's expected I guess. It would be nice it this was a yearly thing but well..financially it would be hard. Then again, hopefully it will again sooner rather than later.

For the curious, here is my lovable family:

in Guagua..

in Baguio...

in Vigan...

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