Thursday, March 5, 2015

Adventure to Singapore!

Last Feb 28, I left the Philippines for the first time and went to Singapore. I went there along with y siblings for a small birthday trip. We stayed there till March 3. I know it wasnt enough days but it was enough for a start I guess.

It was also my first time to fly, which at first I thought was nerve-wracking but it really wasnt. I found it fun and awesome (because of the view) but boring if you didnt bring a book or games  or any of the sort.

I love Singapore. I love how their transportation scheme is so organized. I love their hawker markets. I love the food. The people were nice. I love how its not so cluttered and claustrophobic.

We only visited a few places , Universal Studios and Sentosa. We spent the whole day walking around, riding rides, watching shows, eating, sweating and taking pics. I absolutely loved how the staff was nice and helpful. Out of all the rides, I enjoyed the Transformers ride the most. It was pretty exhilarating and the use of a small space to flesh out a story is quite awesome. The Jurassic Park Water ride is the second. Right from the start there was signs everywhere that if you ride it, youll get wet. We bought some raincoat ponchos to stop it from happening. Unfortunately they didnt tell you that your shoes will get wet as well BUT after the ride there are two "Dry Pods" which blow hot air to dry people down (it isnt free though). I didnt try any rollercoaster rides (except the Dragon one from Far, Far Away) because of my fear of heights. I also didnt try the Mummy ride as it would prolly trigger me and my heat condition. I wish they had a Despicable Me ride ala Minion Run, that would've been cool. We also managed to watch the Waterworld show. Despite the actors being okay, it wasnt that good.

We didnt wander around Sentosa much. We just visited the Merlion and did the Sky Luge. The Sky Luge was fun...well the Luge part was. The part where you need to go to the top in order to Luge down was sucky for a guy who fears heights like me.

With all the activities and walking around, we kinda slept in a few more hours. Which made us kinda waste our one day of shopping. It was a bummer. My sister wasnt able to bring me to the place where they sell toys and figs. I didnt get to buy more fun awesome things for my friends. We didnt even try to venture out more. I guess thats prolly for next time.

Anyway, the reason we kinda lost a day of shopping is because we transferred to another hotel for our last day, Marina Bay Sands.

The MBS was fucking huuuuge and was pretty, pretty, pretty awesome to stay in even for a night. It has awesome places to go visit. One of the best things to happen on this trip happened around dinnertime at Makansutra. I met Lindsey Stirling! Yes, THAT Lindsey Stirling! We were trying to go buy some drinks when I saw here walking around taking vids. I couldnt let this chance pass so I gathered my strength and walked up to her and introduced myself. She was very nice and pretty in person. I managed my sisters friend to take a pic of me and Lindsey. I didnt have any paper on hand for an autograph though but still it was pretty amazing. I also had another sighting at Makansutra. It was my first love-heartbreak/an ex of mine. I knew she worked in SG but to see her at that time and moment it was like a WTF moment. I did not know if she noticed me as she and her friends were sitting one table away.

Anyway, we tried to do a lot of what we can in the last day of the trip. Go around MBS, swim in the Infinity Pool and go ride the Singapore Flyer, which is the most perfect place to least I that what I think.

I also managed to squeeze in time to meet-up with a dear friend who's working in SG. Me and the rest of the gang thought of giving her a few things so she wont be sad and down. Im happy that she was happy with the gifts and that we were able to hangout even if it was just for a little while.

Going back home is always the hard part. I tried not to get emotional as I said my farewell to my sister. There was still a lot of things to do, food to eat, places to go, things to buy but you almost always have never enough time.

Hopefully i'll be able to go back and stay for a bit longer. I would love to go back and do all the other things I couldnt the first time. It was my first time and it wont be the last.

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