Saturday, June 20, 2015


He cannot sleep.

Tossing and turning on his bed.Trying to find the most comfortable way to nod off. But he couldnt. He gets up and goes to the kitchen. Its past midnight and its dark. He tries not to to switch on the lights as he thought seeing light might make him fall asleep. He gets him himself a cold glass of water and chugs it down. It cools him off as the nights have still been a bit hot even though it has been raining. He drinks a second glass to be sure and then goes back to his room and lies in his bed.

He still cannot sleep.

He tries to empty his thoughts and lie still. He closes his eyes. He slowly breathes in and out. The room is very silent but it didnt help much. He still couldnt sleep. He had no choice. He got up again and went to the bathroom. He looks for a certain bottle. He didnt want to but he wanted to get some rest. He found the bottle, took out a pill and put it in his mouth. He took another pill ...for good measure. He gulped it all down with a swig from the small bottle of whiskey that was on his PC table. Then he went back to bed and tried to sleep.

But even with all that, he still cannot sleep.

He cursed. He breaks down. He has not been feeling ..."well" the past few days and all he wanted was to get some rest. But he feels that he wont even get a simple thing such as a goodnights sleep. He ahs had enough. He gets up again, goes to the bathroom and proceeded to ingest alot of pills. He then nearly drank all of the whiskey to washed it all down. He went back to bed. He closed his eyes. He was getting drowsy. His eyes were heavy. He whispers the words, "At last.".

3 A.M.

He woke with a jolt. A pain in his stomach...or was it? He wasnt sure. He was having night sweats rather badly. His mouth was so dry. He badly needed to drink. But suddenly he had the urge to vomit so he ran to the bathroom. Barely making it to the toilet, he vomited. He puked out what he believes is every pill he ingested hours before. He kept vomiting till there was nothing else to vomit out. He felt drained. He felt tired. But even with all that, he still couldnt sleep.

6 A.M.

Just a few minutes till he's needed. He's had a rough night. He didn't have much sleep.

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