Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who? Me?

As said in the previous entry, this one is a short and brief history about me. I'm not going to bore you about details so this will be just short and sweet.

I've been into writing since Grade school, joining on the spot essay contests and the like. I quite enjoyed it, being able to transfer your thoughts onto paper with words and sharing it and letting other people read it. Whether or not people appreciated my writing, it didn't really matter but I did win a few of the contests I entered.

My first foray into the blogging world was during in college and was actually inspired by my older brother who had his own regular blog site at the time. I was regularly blogging on my first and now defunct blog at blog-city. From there, I moved on to Multiply then Wordpress and a few others. For most of my blogs, I use the name Ian Lapira which is part nickname, part real name. For a few, I use The Alansong. Why? cuz I wanna.

Why such a weird name? Well, that's what my close friends called me during college. It was *invented* by a girl-friend [please note the dash] who got her inspiration for a song from Sugarfree's [a local band] album at the time which was ironically entitled, "the Allan Song". The song was about a a guy who sings about his friend named Allan who always had his head in the clouds and was so carefree. I wasn't really that carefree at the time but my head was always someplace else. So the name stuck until I graduated from college. But whenever my old buddies see me, they still call me by that name.

Aside from writing, I do have a few more hobbies. I love to play video games, i think it's almost second nature for guys [and girls] to play them. Although I'm not as active as before, I also do photography. I'm just looking for opportunities to be able to shoot again. More recently, I'm into Toy/Figure Collecting. I'm trying hard to just stay into collecting just GI Joe's and a few Marvel Universe figs but some Revoltech and Figma figs are just so awesome not to get.

Well, that's how brief this brief history of me can get. If you want to know/learn more, drop me a comment.

- the alansong ~

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