Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Unexpected Derailment

WARNING: this post may be a bit long and you may go TL:DR

Anyhoo, just after Holy Week, i've been experiencing diffuclty breathing. In a sense that I seem to be outta breath after doing things I do normally, on a day-today basis. Like going from the bus stop to the office, of course with my size, I expect a bit o' sweat but lately i've been outta breath as I ventured the road always travelled. That surprised me as this never happened before but I dismissed it due to the heat and a bit of weight gain.

The next few nights, it was still the same...and prolly was getting a bit worse. When my restday came, I couldn't get decent sleep due to me trying to catch my breath. Puffing and heaving, I still tried to dismiss the fact there's something wrong. When I couldn't stand it anymore, I told me granmum that I might have re-activated my asthma. She then talked with me Mum and asked me to go visit a cardio which we did albeit unwillingly. We then found out thru Xray that my lungs were congested with phlegm and the doc gave me meds and asked me to take a few tests.

Those tests didn't push through as I texted me Mum saying I want to be taken care of @ home, in Angeles. As me granmum can't really look after me due to her being old and that her house isn't that much er...clean. So me bro picked me up in his car and as we travelled to Pampanga with the windows down, I felt a bit lighter and slept liked a baby. When I awoke, we were already parked nearby AUF Hospital [Angeles University Foundation] which was kinda like Angeles' version of St. Luke's. We met up with me Mum and then we met up with a doctor she knew.

Doctor Sibal was nice and surprised at my condition [after explaining to him how I felt]. He then said that I had Pneumonia and the congestion in my lungs was weird since it's something else. Both he and me Mum said and agreed for me being admitted into AUF after a slew of tests.

I never really liked being in hospitals.

Xray's, 2D Echo tests and a whole lotta blood extractions later, I was in a private room. Then came Dr. Sibal telling me about the results of my 2D Echo test and that he talked about it with a Cardiologist [ who was going to be my doctor as well], Dr. De Guzman. Both said that due to the complications, my heart was affected and weakened. It wasn't pumping blood as hard as before and to compensate for that it began to pump faster than normal. In order to monitor me more sufficiently, they advised that I go to the ICU and have a heart monitor setup.

Minutes later, I was in the ICU. I was the youngest there. Again there were a slew of blood extractions for tests. The Nurses and Doctors there were asking me why I was there and I gave them the same reply. I was there for 2 days and 3 nights, bored outta my wits. I kept thinking about how I lost two dads in a hospital, how I was being a burden to me family as the hospital bills was sure sure to balloon. I was helpless. I couldn't bear the fact that because of me, me family will be going thru another financial dip. It was a bit depressing.

Visits from my bestfriend and my girlfriend brightened my days in the ICU. Didn't think my bestfriend would come visit as I thought she was a bit scared of the ICU due to the past experience with her dad. My girlfriend's visits, even though it didn't look like it, were the ones that helped me keep my sanity and help me get better. After 3 days, I was told I was getting better and thus I was returned to a Private Room.

Although the room had cable tv, it was still boring but I did feel alot better at the time. I still drank alot of pills and my water was being held to only 1.5ml's a day. That would still continue as both my doctors told me prior to my "release". It really wasn't long till tehy told me I was ok to go out of the hospital, I was glad as that meant the hospital bills will cease.I was relieved that some tests they did came out negative and that my HMO held-up their end of the deal and shouldered most of the bill.

The doctors then proceeded to tell me things I should do, things I shouldn't, things i need to drink and didn't and then go back after a week and see them for a follow-up. After that, I was on my way home [not after visiting a barbershop first]. The heat got to me first as it was really a hot summer. I was tol by me Mum that i'll be just "staying" inside the confines of me room. "Trapped" is more of a right term but then it is needed. Good thing we have a pc and laptop I could use to overcome boredom.

I then reflected upon the things that needed attention. I'll be most likely off work for more than a month and with that, no income. I'll be again, a burden to my family and girlfriend even if they tell me I'm not. I just can't shake the feeling that I am. But what else must I do? Shit has already happened and most plans has been put on hold. All I need to do now is rest and hope for the best.

Adventuring has least for the time being...
- the alansong -

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