Wednesday, May 11, 2011

At least...some Good News..

Yesterday and today, I met with my Doctor and my Cardiologist and both visits proved to be good. Both said that I have progressed and has been faring better since their initial findings almost two weeks ago.

Unfortunately, my doctor still needed me to rest for a month and my cardio still prohibits me to do strenous things...even jog at the morning [he did suggest a brisk 30min. walk]. So it'll be another month of boredom, wish I had my figures here with me so I can take pictures.

But my cardio said, I can "roam" around now. Which means, I can go malling and watch movies...unfortunately, since I haven't been working, I don't have the funds to do so.

I feel fine but my doctors and Mom want to make sure that i'll be 100% so that we all can avoid a possible relapse....or a full blown stroke. I wouldn't want that to happen but it sucks that I can't work and earn. It can help Mom with my medicine and other fees with regards to my situation. It would also alleviate my boredom and/or allow me to go back into my ToyCollecting hobby. But i'll miss alot of toy-related events due to this which really sucks big time.

Then again, at least, I am closer to getting a clean bill of health. Even if there are alot of things i'll be missing/I have missed, I think it's best for me to just wait it out rather than go forth not fully recovered and get into more trouble than I already am.

Now to find that silver lining.....

Almost ready for some adventuring...
- the alansong -

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