Thursday, May 5, 2011


It's not almost a week and i'm struggling with all of the restrictions i've been given....i'm already breaking a few by walking outside my room, being online and playing PSP for hours but believe you me when I say that I was bored.

I am supposed to stay in my room for a week and not do anything. Good for me that me and me bro share rooms and he has his Mac and laptop and we have wi-fi. So more or less, boredom is mostly done away. To avoid being stir-crazy in me own room, I sometimes roam the house. Checking on things, checking on the kids.

Another restriction is my diet. This diet was not born out of vanity and obsession like everyone else's. It was born out of keeping meself alive. In retrospect, I am overweight and its putting harm on my heart and body. And all i've eaten for the past days were nothing but fish and cereals [the common ones, not the diet and fit ones...i still love my koko krunch] and various bread and cookies.

It's a far cry from all the things i'm used to eating...and as some of my friends have noticed/watched...I do eat alot and abit unhealthy.

But i'm still keeping to the diet and restrictions albeit with a little leeway. I mean, i'm not skimping on the diet, i'm sticking to that. I don't want to be dead by 30. Leeway meant my freedom of movement inside the house. As long as I don't do shit, I can roam the house outta boredom.

I didn't really try to make myself look good for other people. I liked the way I was...more or less. Hence I wasn't really paying attention to what I was eating and/or doing. I'm not that vain unless I needed to be and I said to meself that if people liked me even though I was a slob then they're being truthful. But more or less, the people who told me to cut down seemed to be more of the concerned friends than the rest.

Then again, if this is what's needed for me to live on and bug the hell out of you people...then so be it.

Adventuring has least for the time being...
- the alansong -

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