Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Missing out...

Well, with being sick and confined first at the Hospital and then at home [currently at 2 weeks and 5 days] you're bound to miss alot of stuff...like I am.

I miss the office and the fun people there. The joking around, the GY shift *lunch* at 2am [or 3am], endless Trolling and LoL-ing and of course, the wonderful weekends. It's a bit sad when I heard about news of people leaving and people gone when I get the chance to come back but I guess thats how it goes.

I miss my toy-collecting hobby. I've will miss [or already have missed] new toy arrivals/distributions and toy conventions. Then again, if I did have a chance ti go to at least one, I prolly won't have the money to fund any toy acquisitions i'll prolly have. Bummer :/

I still dunno the exact date for my eventual return to Manila and work so i'm afraid that me and my girlfriend will miss celebrating our one year anniversary on time. But because of the uncertainty, I got her an anniversary present early. I gave it to her last weekend when she visited and she liked it very much and was pretty much understanding of our situation. I still have a few surprises though. :D

I miss my stuff over in Manila. The sense of familiarity and comfort, not that it's not familiar and comforting where I am now. It's just that most of my stuff is there and I'd rather use my own PC and be able to fiddle around with my action figures during my recovery process. Although I don't want them [my stuff] brought here in Pampanga because it'll be a hell of a trip back to Manila carrying all my things.

I miss going to the beach or any other activity that has been lined up and/or planned up. :[

Hopefully, all these sacrifices will lead to something good and will also lead my health into a better state.

Itching to go on an Adventure
- the alansong -

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